OPINION: Zoning Board: Please don’t Create a Cell Tower Precedent [Granada Towers Under Siege – Part II]


I am a bit concerned by some of the comments that were posted in a resident’s plea for help in: It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…No, It’s a Cell Tower! [Granada Towers Under Siege. Action needed this Thursday, January 24th]

celltowergranadaWhy? Because I am almost sure none of you would want to live directly under a cell tower. Yes, there are plenty of studies that might tell you these antennas aren’t dangerous, but you’ll find just as many telling you the opposite. You know how it goes: in this world of legal bullshit, it all depends on who pays for the study. Either way, I personally wouldn’t want to live directly under a cell tower. Would you?

It is my understanding that in 2010, The Town of Hempstead (TOH) passed in a law saying that no telecommunications company can construct new antennae within 1500 ft of schools, private residences, places of worship, etc. The TOH gets it and The City of Long Beach should too before it’s too late. If you live in a condo/apartment/co-op/townhouse,  you should be very concerned. If this passes Thursday, it will set a precedent which will allow more corporations to come in and take over our residential rooftops. Real Estate brokers should also be concerned, for they will have a harder time renting/selling apartments in cell-tower-roof-top buildings. Property values will decrease for sure.

In this modern age, most of us treat our cell phones as if they were our children. I get that you don’t want poor phone service, but there are much better locations in Long Beach for AT&T and Verizon to install these antennas. What about the water towers on the bayside? Just like how they’re installed on the tower in Point Lookout, these structures are far away from residential, yet high enough to cover a lot of ground.


The Zoning Board of Appeals meeting to help fight AT&T’s application is this Thursday 1/24 at 7 pm at City Hall on the 6th Floor. If this passes, it could potentially set a new precedent where cell towers will be installed on residential rooftops all across Long Beach. Your building could be next.

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5 thoughts on “OPINION: Zoning Board: Please don’t Create a Cell Tower Precedent [Granada Towers Under Siege – Part II]”

  1. Thanks for showing kind support for our fellow resident! I too was pretty appalled at people’s reactions — I am sure Jennifer (not me) is concerned not only for the resale value of her home (as we all our these days) but also her personal health. She must feel very helpless and is simply reaching out for help and support to her local community — I hope she gets the support and attention this troubling matter deserves!

  2. This is not a city issue but a building issue. I don’t see the city appealing it when other buildings already have the same, The board of your building must have voted to have the antennas installed, and receive a rather large fee from the telco, at some point. Also, there haven’t been any studies showing cell phone towers are bad for your health, those antennas radiate outwards to cover a couple of square miles. The antenna pattern radiates very little power downward.

  3. Not sure why this should be a zoning issue. Also, your comment seems to presume that these nasty corporations are butting in and installing these against people’s wishes. Verizon and AT&T pay hefty rents to the buildings that they put these on. This subsidizes building maintenance charges and should be the decision of the people who live in the building (and are directly affected by it) – not the city. This is an example of too much government involvement.

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