Hesco barriers (Makeshift-Walls for the Next Storm?)

A reader named Patrick sent in his idea for storm protection – Hesco Barriers. While Patrick is suggesting they would be great to put up now, I think they could come in handy the next time a major storm hits. Check out the video at the end of Patrick’s email. It’s pretty cool stuff!

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 9.05.40 AM

Dear SeabytheCity,

Have you ever seen these things [Hesco Barriers]?  Originally designed with flood mitigation in mind, they have now been used as force protection at FOBs in Irag and Afghanistan.  Look at the video on this page to see how quickly the first step of set up is.  Not sure how long they take to fill with sand, but that is a factor of how many front loaders you have.

I think this would be an excellent, immediate solution to our lack of dunes.  They appear to be stronger and safer protection than Christmas trees can provide.


I think they should be deployed now, place sand in front of them and let them be a “foundation” for the dunes. If we are still in a technical :state of emergency”, I would imagine the National Guard could be deployed to deploy them.


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6 thoughts on “Hesco barriers (Makeshift-Walls for the Next Storm?)”

  1. Christmas trees serve as quick sand catchments . Better than snow fence but they should be used together. Something sadly neglected in LB as are so many things.

  2. Dunes also require vegetation usually in the form of sand grass to strengthen and stabilize them.This is what differentiates them from a pile of sand. This is not rocket science.just look at natural dunes anywhere. But we need to hasten the process by adding to the dunes all the time. This is rarely done in LB.

  3. The City is getting (or expects to) 24 million from FEMA – what are they spending it on? You look at the costs for boardwalk replacement in NJ on a per mile basis, Long Beach’s estimate is 5x as high. Where is the money going? They are even using citizen volunteers for the Christmas tree project, they should have more than enough cash to hire someone to do it.

  4. Quick and easy to install when you have the right equipment, and can be stacked as high as you need. And sturdy.. I felt safer standing next to Hescos in Iraq than concrete T-walls. Something the city would be smart to explore, soon.
    In reference to the $24Mil, that money was spent long before it was received. That was probably barely a drop in the bucket to cover overtime and clean-up costs. But you’re right that the city’s estimate for replacing the Boardwalk is far beyond anything reportedly being spent to replace other boardwalks, and the fact that they are putting that figure out there without having even received any designs/plans/bids/money seems grossly irresponsible.

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