Bad Drivers, Garbage, Dog Poop

[RANT] Holy cow! I know this topic has been beaten to death, but I cannot believe how bad some of the drivers are here in Long Beach. I am now watching vehicles go through stop signs at full speed. Usually you get a slight slow down, but apparently some drivers just have no time for that anymore. Don’t these people realize Long Beach is a residential area that is densely populated? I really honestly think we should put speed bumps at every interaction where there is a stop sign. Will it scrape the bottom of your car? Too bad, that means you are breaking the law and are not stopping.

The other thing I want to rant about is the amount of garbage that is continuously being dumped all over the place. Just because there is a pile of contracter garbage in front of a house, it doesn’t give you permission to dump your empty coffee cup or smelly dog poop bag on top of it.

Speaking of dog poop: Since we are temporarily without a boardwalk, many folks are using Shore Road & E/W Broadway as a path to walk, jog or ride a bike. Check out the sidewalk on the north side of E. Broadway between Riverside and Long Beach Blvds. There is so much dog poop on that stretch of sidewalk that you have to ‘walk’ as if you’re playing hopscotch (a new LB activity?). Ugh!!! [/RANT]

In other news: Who wants to play Dog Poop Hopscotch with me? It’s fun and great exercise!


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32 thoughts on “Bad Drivers, Garbage, Dog Poop”

  1. I agree. Its like the Wild West out there. For some reason people think they dont have to stop fully at a stop sign, they go through red lights, AND everyone is driving the wrong way down 1 way streets, and that includes LB cabdrivers, residents, AND theyre all talking on their cell phones. I live near East school, and it amazes me that parents are driving their children to school and yakking on their cell phones. WHAT could be that important, that youre risking lives? I have no idea why so many people arent cleaning up after their dogs, theres enough crap (no pun intended) STILL all over the place.

  2. P.S. I understand that many people werent able to rip out the interiors of their homes right after the storm, and many are just beginning the process. What I DONT understand is why people think its acceptable to just throw huge heaps of sheetrock, insulation, etc randomly all over the sidewalks, curbs, and into the street, and expect it to be cleaned up by someone else. If you have a contractor doing the work, they should be responsible for getting a dumpster. Its a hazard having moldy piles around, and the debris is blowing around everywhere. I understand that its still an emotional time for everyone, but please use some common sense. And, if you can, please help your neighbors, even if you dont like them all that much. One of my neighbors continues to leave garbage around, and lets not forget all of the glass, and he expects everyone to clean up after him. Since I would like some semblance of normalcy on my block, I clean alot of it up, since its a hazard to people walking by, or parking on this block. it just makes me angry that people are ignoring the laws, being unnecessarily sloppy… We all have a long road ahead of us, and we still need to band together and help each other out.

  3. You’re dead on accurate here. Since we don’t have the boardwalk I do my running along Broadway. Yes, I run in the street because the danger of turning my ankle while navigating a curb is too great. Cars blow through stop signs like they don’t exist. My favorite is when they make a left or right from Broadway onto a side street and pretend the light is still green after the turn. Or how about the “piggyback through a stop sign?” This is when there is a car behind another at a stop sign and it tries to piggyback through with the first car instead of yielding to the car at the other stop sign. I never stop when I have the right of way and someone piggybacks. They always end up slamming on their brakes.

    The dog poop problem is disgusting. I regularly see dog owners walk away from the mess they make. Too bad there’s nothing that can be done about it. I’m also seeing people on the beach with their dogs. I guess that law isn’t enforced during the winter, huh? There’s that lack of enforcement again.

  4. Driving through LB last Sunday morning, and practically run off the road, on Park, by some woman in a red car…she must have been driving over 60 mph, weaving in and out of traffic. Need some more patrol cars on the roads, etc. Grew up in LB, and seems to be getting worse and worse driving every year!

  5. ….and please keep your dogs out of the Georgia Park. This is a place for kids, not a dog run. Sign is clearly market – no dogs…..

  6. I’ve been ranting for years about the virtually total lack of enforcement of the traffic laws and regulations. But to no avail. Every time someone gets killed there’s an uproar by the public and demands for more police activity. But after awhile we get back to normal, with cops sitting at the bus turnaround at Nevada and Beech ignoring cars speeding by. or sitting in the cul de sacs at the beach doing nothing except probably checking their pension account statements.
    TILB . Nothing will change. NADA

  7. The same type of people commit both the driving offenses and dog offenses. They are too self absorbed and above the law. I was crossing E. Broadway with the light, in the crosswalk, and nearly got run over by someone turning on red. When I tapped on his hood he let loose with the raunchiest abuse imaginable. I kept walking, but my heart was pounding!

    Shore Rd between LB Rd and Lincoln – both sidewalks are just loaded with dog poop. There too, if you see someone do it and bring it to their attention, you get attitude.

    It continues because there are no consequences.

  8. Today on my way to work I saw a “Traffic Enforcment” vehicle AND a Police vehicle drive by 4 CARS double parked on Park Avenue. I see people taking side streets to avoid the traffic and lights on Park Avenue. I see delivery trucks double parked on a regular basis during the morning rush hour (I do understand that delivery trucks may double park with certain restrictions to make deliveries). I see regular speed enforcement on Park Avenue and none on the side streets during the morning rush. There is no excuse for a car to ever be double parked on Park Avenue. The people doing this should be ticketed. I have NEVER seen anyone receiving a ticket for being double parked. The constant speed enforcement on Park Avenue a few blocks east of Long Beach Boulevard should be redirected to cars speeding down the side streets and cars not stopping at stop signs. I believe but it will never happen commercial deliveries on park avenue should be forbidden during the morning rush hour. I car needing to slow down and/or stop and then change lanes is far more dangerous than a moderately speeding driver. Well thats my 2 cents….

  9. Tracy Lynn Krauss…For all you RUNNERS out there, that run in the street because you don’t want to turn their ankle… your not supposed to be running in the street …That is for motorized vehicles.. and could cause an accident…The rules apply to us all .. You have this great desire to run .. go down to the rec and run around the field or run around the block.. We don’t have a problem w/ dog poop down in the West End

  10. Show of hands …how many of you are born and raised here in LB???? No we don’t have a problem w/ dog poop in the West End… We have a problem w/ outsiders coming in and getting drunk, vomiting all over our property and urinating all over our streets….Wanna play hopscotch human poop, urine, and vomit??? stop w/ the dogs they go where they are taken by their owners

  11. We’re going to have traffic frustration issues because the entire place is set up in an inane way. Traffic lights timed wrong, stop signs on every corner, having to wait at 2 lights to make a turn. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that people get fed up and then break the rules. It doesn’t make it right, but that’s reality for ya.

  12. On the West End we have a problem both with some dog owners, and with overall, nightlife-related quality of life issues from outsiders coming in and those living here: group house/summer share rentals

  13. Ysly, when I run on the sidewalk I will end up in the street when I have to cross and guess what? Same problem. Running in Long Beach is a high risk of getting hit by a car. I also cycle on Broadway and Lido Boulevard and am treated with the same disregard. Your comments absolve the drivers of their complete lack of respect for others on the road be it a pedestrian crossing or another vehicle. A runner causing an accident? Please. Slow down and pay attention. If I wanted to run on a hamster wheel (track, etc) I would.

  14. Dog owners in the West End were recently using Georgia Park as a dog park. The West End beaches right now are covered in poop from dogs

  15. Now I’m at my wits end here. EVERY day, there are people driving the WRONG way down my block, plus all of the people driving their children to school, yakking on their cell phones. Who do I call, the police dept.? With my luck they’ll come here, and nobody will be driving the wrong way.Its INFURIATING! I’d also like to know if its illegal to video the peeps talking on their cell phones, and show their license plate numbers.

  16. Not sure if the rules apply any more. They never stop on my corner…. whats the hurry… believe me the people we are ranting about are not reading this. The other day… I made a car stop at stop sign. They were so pissed off they honked at me for making them stop. Oh well …. did you read that part in the manuel… FULL stop …look both ways then proceed. Everyone have a great day….

  17. I am here 58 years…Show me the Dog poop in the West End…. I pick up after my own and if I should come across other poop, I gladly pick it up…..I am Siiting in a Gutted house w/ no heat…. More to worry about than this…If you don’t like what you see …Call the Board of Health and deal w/ it…. Call the police and ask to have an officer staked out in your area…… Welcome to LOng Beach

  18. Sorry to hear about your house, but this is a blog where we talk about other important issues too, like dog poop, dangerous drivers and garbage being dumped all over the place.

    I don’t live in the west end, but I am embarrassed by the amount of poop and garbage that is on these streets in general. I lived in Queens and Manhattan and saw cleaner streets there than I do here. It’s really quite sad.

    I think it takes people from the outside to really let the “long term” long beachers know what it’s like to live in other areas, why there ARE problems here that they dont know about and how it needs to change.

    Live in another area, come back to Long Beach and you will complain too. I never saw an area where people dump garbage right in front of my eyes… it’s amazing, quite frankly.

  19. Stop lights and traffic signs apply to pedestrians cyclists joggers and skateboarders as well as cars, trucks and buses. Yet, I have never seen any one of them stop at the corner and wait for the light to turn in their favor…Green! Up in town, Tell me how many walk out of Gino’s , go to the corner and wait for the light , only to walk back down to their cars parked in the center parking lot……People First learn to walk , before they learn to drive……People drive with the same attitude they have when they walk.. How many cyclist ride down down the wrong way on a oneway street???? How many bikers travel west on the southside of Park Ave, or ride their bikes up to Beech Street North to South, on the oneway blocks in the West End……show me one Pedestrian That stops on the corner In the West End and waits for the light to turn green……….NONE, Nobody!… not even you…So, if your going to complain Traffic…..Complain about all the traffic…… The jaywalkers, and all…Hopefully, your not one who bends the rules for himself, and while traveling on foot to West End Pizza you don’t jaywalk and you wait for the light to turn green while standing on the corner….There is a reason for that expression “go play in traffic”” and ” Cross at the Green , not in between…”cross on Red and you will be dead”.. The dog poop…Most of us clean up after of pets. I won’t sit on the beach w/ my grandchildren playing in dog poop. I also will not be denied the enjoyment of running w/ my dogs on the beach…. because of a few slobs….So, I pick up their mess, so I do not have to look at it……I don’t even let my dogs near it…… I walked from Nevada down to NYAve….Beach to Bay…..Looking for all this poop …Where is it????? 80% of the WEst End”s Residence Have not returned to their homes yet.. I have found the biggest offenders of the rules are the ones that complain the loudest on these blogs.

  20. Anthony,

    As sad as it is, and it is a mess up East…..You made the choice to move into it. I own an apt. in NYC, relatives in Astoria. I know what life is like outside LB…..I am just throwing it out there that you are beating a dead horse…You didn’t move into the new Hamptons……you are a stones throw away from the Rockaways!!!

  21. There is a reason for the expression” GO PLAY IN TRAFFIC”…And remember the traffic lights are to be obeyed by joggers bikers and skate-boarders.. Make sure you obey the rules and come to a complete stop at the stop sign and don’t blow the red lights……Thats right , you are part of the problem…Respect??? you want to play in traffic ,,hang a lic. plate on your arse and obey the traffic laws..

  22. I agree about the garbage – it is everywhere in Long Beach. It seems like no one cleans up in front of their house and there is no sanitation enforcement by the City. I think it is a breeding ground for vermin when food and other waste is on the sidewalks and streets. The City should do something about trash in the street other then the street sweeper which hardly does much of anything with all the parked cars in the street it is sweeping. I think calling the DOH is a good idea.

  23. Ysly….walk Oceanview any time of the day/week/month/year and I GUARANTEE you that you will see dog poop. I suspect that it is the same people over and over but it has been a constant issue for the ten years that I have owned my home. It’s disgusting and rude and now people are making a mess of the beach. That’s just awesome.

  24. my neighbors NEVER pick up their dog poop. It’s really disrespectful, but yeah, there are worse problems out there. I have a dog and I would never do that, I just don’t understand where they think it’s going to go, but this was a problem way before the hurricane.

    I live on a block where the speed limit is 15 and people regularly speed down going about 40 or 50, I think that’s probably a bigger problem. It’s true, where is the enforcement? Also I have a nursery school on my block and all the parents find it to be completely acceptable to double park while dropping off their kids. I once got blocked in for 10 minutes and had to go into the school to get someone to move their car. I guess I can understand if there’s no parking, but there is usually parking just a little walk away. I am born and raised in Long Beach and one of the reasons why I didn’t want to come back here is because I think there is some self-centeredness going on, I see it every day more than anywhere else I’ve lived, and I’m not sure it’s ever going to change, sadly.

  25. Dog owners in The West End are not using Georgia Park as a dog run….Address this to the 1 or2 dog owners down on Georgia Ave…….80% of the West End is not even back in their homes yet. The beach????They are moving sand down on the would be hard pressed to find dog droppings on the beach . get a life!

  26. SOME dog owners are taking their dogs into Georgia Park – don’t care where they live. SOME parents who are back in their homes like to take their kids into Georgia Park (a park for kids). Dogs are not allowed in Georgia Park. End of story.

  27. That maybe the end of your story…..However,maybe instead of sitting at your computer, maybe you should sit in the park and address the hoards of dog owners , who just can’t wait to use Georgia Park as a dog run…instead of waiting for someone else to do it for you….don’t forget to address the ferral cats and Raccoons that also visit….Then you can address the mothers that think the trash cans are there for them to deposit all those dirty diapers that are not first first inclosed in some type of plastic bag..Better yet, taking all those dirty diapers and depositing them in their own trash containers at their home. The Georgia Park is a public park , not just for kids, and During the warmer months,you can’t sit in the park because of the stink of those dirty diapers baking in the sun. Those diapers litter the beach and mothers even wash their kids stinky butts in the ocean, Where we all swim during the warmer months…

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