Painted Booth Sighting [IT’S ALIVE!!!]

Photo sent in by Liz, the painted booth still lives! Of course, the question is this: Are these old booths being saved for our new & improved boardwalk? Will there still be a massive painting party after all?

For the history of the white & blue booth, check these out:


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4 thoughts on “Painted Booth Sighting [IT’S ALIVE!!!]”

  1. It’s still unknown whether or not these booths will be reused, but I have a feeling the new boardwalk will come with new booths. That’s just a guess, but if we do reuse this, a painting party would be a great plan.

  2. If they aren’t going to be used for the new boardwalk there must be something they could be used for. Would be a shame for them to become yet more landfill……. How about turning a few into an information booth at the train station or other strategic locations. I know I always see the poor ticket agents at the station being asked for info they can’t really answer.

    Little souvenir booths like they have down in Aruba…… There’s isn’t a ton of things to do with them but, I’m sure with a little thought we could come up with something.

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