Project 11561 [Facebook Community Group]

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Everybody go to Facebook and LIKE Project 11561.

From the group’s page:

The mission of Project 11561 is to develop and pursue initiatives and projects that promote a sense of community while beautifying the City of Long Beach. Our goal is to cultivate pride and motivate our diverse population to participate in the process. Project 11561 will fundraise and organize programs and events that celebrate the spirit of Long Beach, New York.

I just know this group will bring positive changes to Long Beach. After all, it’s run by Allison, who gets things done. Allison helped me get the ticket booth painted back in September. She has fantastic ideas and we share a similar vision for Long Beach, so I support this group 100%.

If you want to be involved with positive changes in Long Beach, LIKE Project 11561 on Facebook and be apart of Long Beach history.


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2 thoughts on “Project 11561 [Facebook Community Group]”

  1. i just want to put to rest a story that i heard that sickened me and my neighbors.
    i ask you how anyone could think the suspect in the Gilgo beach homicides could be
    nypd. thats just as unbelievable as a cannibal cop and i dont even want to think about that.
    nypd put their lives on the line everyday and i know many off them and they are decent people.

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