See the SEAWALL by the Sea Shore


Rhonda from, who sent in an idea for Hybrid-Composite Beams (see post), forwarded me some information regarding potential sea wall material.


Rhonda adds “It would be an inexpensive first line of defense against Sandy like events. (Or second line of defense if there are dunes in front of it.)”

I still have my doubts about sea walls (read – I’m not a big fan of sea walls), but this is just a stupid ‘unofficial blog of Long Beach‘ hobby blog where I make shit up as I go along, so what the heck do I know.

Please keep in mind that (1) ocean storm barrier, (2) boardwalk replacement and (3) bay protection are completely separate from each other. They have to be, otherwise it would most likely be years for our boardwalk to be replaced. FEMA will only replace what was there.

ALSO, if anybody has measurements of the existing pilin layout, please let us know. Thanks!

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8 thoughts on “See the SEAWALL by the Sea Shore”

  1. Stop w/ the lockers under the boardwalk, Geez , you are only a few blocks from the beach!! Towel and sandchair…How lazy can you be?? Keep all all that plastic crap that you think your kids need on the beach at home , so it don’t end up in the ocean ……teach them to be creative and use the shells to dig a hole

  2. ysls, I don’t think you understand the point of the lockers. They aren’t for the residents who live a few blocks away. They’re for the non-residents who visit who might want to stash some things under lock and key while they swim. And if it makes money for the city (money they would have to find elsewhere, say, through taxes), then it sounds like a win-win to me. People can lock their stuff, the city can make money.

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