Project Westoration: West Elementary School needs your help!!! [DONATE]

A group of moms in the West End are doing everything they can to reopen West Elementary School, a victim of superstorm Sandy. Rather than me retelling there story, I urge you go visit their Project Westoration website where you can read about it and hopefully make a donation.

They have also been selling bracelets with the coordinates of Long Beach on them.  Check them out here: The first batch has been sold out, but more are on the way, including kids sizes!



Can you spare $1 to help rebuild our school?

Our story:

One of the many losses suffered by our town of Long Beach on the eve of October 29th, 2012 was West Elementary School, formally a vibrant, community-centered educational haven located in the heart of Long Beach’s West End. Superstorm Sandy caused record-breaking tidal surges that flooded the ground floor of West Elementary School with several feet of water from the bay, mixed with rancid sewer water.

It is now December and the school stands barren, without its usual energetic student body and dedicated staff filling its halls and classrooms, most of whom have been displaced into another now overcrowded elementary school in our town, some of whom left Long Beach for other school districts altogether in the face of the school and town’s uncertain future.  Every piece of paper, furniture and sheetrock has been removed from the damaged ground floor, filling a long line of massive dumpsters, and the funds provided by insurance settlements, FEMA, and federal aid will not cover the costs of revitalizing this sacred place for our children once again.  The intangible memories and precious children’s artwork and classroom projects are forever lost and there’s no dollar amount that could ever replace them.  But there is a dollar amount that, with time, can rebuild the structure, the compromised systems, the classrooms and the hope: $1.00.  That’s right, we’re only asking for $1.00 and are counting on vast networks of 1,000’s of people to come together and contribute this meager amount to help us fill the gap between devastation and recovery.  Please donate $1 (or whatever amount you are able) and pass this on to 10 friends or family members asking them to do the same.

A small board of concerned parents will be working closely with the school district to convert these raised funds into direct purchases for the classrooms of West Elementary. And then our children can return to their school and begin creating new special memories, projects and their futures once again.

With gratitude,
Kourtney Guenego
Amanda Moore
Autumn Raubuck

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