The Beige and the Boring

colorsbeigedarksideOn tonights City Council agenda:

Item #3: Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Purchase Paint, Primers and Traffic Paint Under Nassau County Contract. 

Legislative Memo: This item affords the City the lowest pricing available for these products. The City is in the process of repairing numerous City owned buildings damaged by Superstorm Sandy. These buildings, such as the Senior Center, the Recreation Center, the Ice Arena, the East End and West End Community Centers, the Martin Luther King Center, the City Garage, 150 W. Pine Street, etc., will all require new paint work. (Link)

I am unable to make City Council tonight, but I can’t keep my big mouth quiet on this issue, so I will vent here. What issue am I talking about? Oh.. just purchasing paint and the color beige. Nothing that important..


I was recently talking to a friend who is considering a move to Northport, NY. They called the village “cute, quaint & colorful.” Just once would I love to hear similar words said about Long Beach, but “cute, quaint and beige” are rarely used in the same sentence. Yes, I am talking about YOU Long Beach with your beige-lovefest. There is definitely an overuse of that boring-color around here and I would love for that to change.

Why do we use so much beige? Is it because it’s safe? An easy way out? Is beige paint really cheap? Or do we just don’t care. When I see beige I see boring, depressing, unimaginative, dirty and sad. Yes, it actually makes me sad. Because of Superstorm Sandy, things have been depressing enough around here. A little color could lift up our spirits.

Beach towns are supposed to be fun, funky, different, unique, weird and abnormal. I’m not asking for buildings to be painted with rainbow-motifs, but there are plenty of colors that are non-offensive, fun and even traditional (if that’s what we are so worried about). Select a few and run with it. Let’s bring some colorful life to Long Beach and end the beige and the boring.

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5 thoughts on “The Beige and the Boring”

  1. I grew up in Northport and it came back from being a sad, rundown, seedy downtown to being second only to Job’s Lane according to a NY Times article. They have a Village planning Board and an architectural review board and a very strict zoning board. Long Beach has none. But bad as the property taxes are here, they are far worse there. I loved the charm and the quality of life there but simply could not afford to continue to love there. Everything comes with a price, I guess. I do agree, however that painting all the city owned buildings beige sends a rather unwelcoming message.

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