FILLING UP THE EMPTY STORES: What do we miss. What do we have too much of. What do we need.

I am very bullish with Long Beach. Yes, we had a freaky two-storm collision that coincided with a high tide and a full moon, but how often does that happen? Long Beach is still a unique place to live, work and play. How many beachside walkable communities are there on Long Island with two downtowns, diverse housing options, a plethora of events/activities and the LIRR?

Superstorm Sandy did evict many businesses around here and left us with many empty stores. Unless you are a property owner, none of us have power to dictate what type of business comes in. That being said, I think it’s fun to talk about what we miss, have too much of and want. Perhaps a potential renter will use your comments as a template for what to open next.

I’ll start first:

WHAT I WANT BACK THAT IS OFFICIALLY GONE: I want Pita Grill sans their slow service. Other places like the movie theater, panini’s, swingbelly – I believe are all coming back, right? It would be nice to see NYSC reopen. I’m not a member, but it’s a good use for that large space.


  • A Panini’s & Bikini’s type restaurant in the East End:  café-style place that is very casual, quaint, cute and colorful. One that doesn’t have a large overwhelming diner menu. Quality over quantity.
  • I would love to see a casual taco/mexican place. Something more casual than Don Juan. Something similar to Three Amigos (508 Larkfield Rd, East Northport, NY 11731). You order at the counter. You sit down. They bring you your food. You clean up.
  • I once went to a breakfast place in Boston that had live Jazz music. ohh that would amazing..
  • A bowling alley. Yep, you heard me. Maybe if NYSC doesn’t come back? (Look at Brooklyn Bowl as an example of what could work. Live music, good food, a place with a sense of being.).
  • A state-of-the-art performance Theater: See this article on the one about to open in Westbury: Revamped theater key to Westbury revival
  • We need a place that is locally known to have amazing breakfast and brunch. AMAZING is the key word here.
  • Can we get Bob’s Natural Foods to expand into a larger store? Like Jandi’s in Oceanside? I bet the demand is here.

WE STILL HAVE TOO MANY nail salons and an overabundance of great pizza. Yes, we have a lot of great pizza in Long Beach, so why saturate it? We don’t need any CASH 4 GOLD places because nobody in Long Beach has any gold (Potential tenants: please take note). We also don’t need anymore Foot Spa places because nobody in Long Beach has any feet to spare.

I want to hear your ideas! Please comment!



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85 thoughts on “FILLING UP THE EMPTY STORES: What do we miss. What do we have too much of. What do we need.”

  1. some good breakfast place that’s not a diner. THAT would be nice. A coffee shop that’s not starbucks that has seating, and I can’t say anything bad about the brooklyn bowl type place idea, but I feel like that’s unlikely.

  2. The West End needs an inexpensive surf shop -beach supplies . A bakery. A real clean mom and pop diner that closes at 9pm that doesnt stink of bleach and cigs. A quality super market. A deli like Brands. An entertainment facility for everyone. A local produce market.

  3. I would like to see a salad place like Just Salad or Tossd in the city. Paninis and Bikinis is too expensive for their salads and the bagel places, i don’t trust their ingredients. Also i really hope the library comes back soon. Going to Oceanside is a pain.

  4. Let’s not forget what we already have- La Bottega or Fresco are casual salad places
    and Aye Caramba with take out a a half dozen or so tables for casual taco/mexican

  5. Since I am a store that was forced to close on Park ave….My hope for LB is to remain the unique, quaint beach town it was and not watch corporate America take over. That may be all that will be able to ride out the ripple effect of Sandy.

  6. I’ve been saying for years that someone should turn that cursed restaurant space on Austin BLVD (across from Demi’s and A Taberna) into a bowling alley. Obviously restaurants aren’t working. No one thought the pool hall down the street would work but, look at that.

  7. We have just about every kind of restaurant here in LB except a good and reasonably priced Steak House here in this town. With pleasant atmosphere, and friendly service and without any attitudes.

  8. When was the last time you went to a good dining spot and you got your tab and gladly paid because you felt like you got great meal with good value. great food, and service?
    The one thing that irks me, is a place that charges you an arm and a leg and then acts as if they are doing you a favor and dinner wasn’t a massacre..
    Forget a Hamburger & Fries place or Pubs, we have enough of those. We need a nice place to go to when you want to go to on a Saturday night, or that special evening. Especially now that Cafe Laguna is gone. They were close to what I mean but they were too pricey anyway.

    Last V-Day Hubby and i went to a Steak House were the food was only fair and the sever was so grumpy it killed our night, and needless to say it cost us an arm and a leg. . If there is one thing worse than bad food it’s surly service. I’d I’d rather spend more for good and well prepared food and decent customer service anytime.
    So, I’d like to see a no frills restaurant open here in Long Beach, that offers very high quality food and extraordinary good service, with reasonable prices, and that would be great. When I go to fine dining places, I expect it to be that way. And that would make me come back over and over again.
    Some times the wait-staff get a bit annoying and out of their realm. There’s nothing worse than an annoying, irritating and condescending waiter or waitress who rubs you the wrong way. And by the way…..I am not your “darlin” so don’t call me that every 5 minutes. And another thing, don’t treat the table next to as if they were royally and keep us waiting. And how about when they ask “Is everything okay?” a million times over, and usually when I have a mouth full of food! . Once or twice is perfect. Any more than that and I feel like I need a restraining order. Leave me eat in peace

    As for a bowling alley, I think that they are on the decline, that’s why you don’t or hardly see any more of them opening up. I don’t remember seeing a new one open in years, and that tells you something.,

  9. I have to disagree with bowling alleys declining. It all depends on what direction they go:

    if it wants to remain a family place the whole time it’s open with frozen pizza and bad burgers, yeah those might not be as popular, but if you go to places like Brooklyn Bowl in (obviously) Brooklyn, or Bowlmor in manhattan, those are packed all the time at night time. They are essentially bars with live music and really really really good food. I’ve been to adult parties at both and they are very professionally run.

    In Boston I went to a similar setup – it was a place that was bowling with extremely good brickoven pizza & live music. Again, it was packed. It felt like a place of being. Flatbread Pizza:

  10. ” that cursed restaurant space on Austin BLVD (across from Demi’s and A Taberna) into a bowling alley. Obviously restaurants aren’t working. No one thought the pool hall down the street would work but, look at that”

    Lets face it, Bowling alleys and Pool halls are a thing of the past. Sure they are nince to visit, but the fact is they are not money makers any longer and thus you don’t see any of them opening up any longer. Also they are very expensive to build and open. People are not going to invest into a business if it’s not going to work.
    As for ” that cursed restaurant space on Austin BLVD (across from Demi’s and A Taberna)” Yes it’s been a failure over and over again and that’s because no one has been doing it right. It’s a really good space with good parking. A real good Pub would do well, something like the new Lawson’s Pub, witha good and knowledge owner and chef. would do well in that space. With good basic pub fare. I think it’s a great location with good parking.
    Theres a place in Bayside called Donovan’s who serves an incredible variety of fresh seafood, as well as really great steaks, chicken and the best burgers around.all exquisitely prepared to perfection. And they do incredibly well. The trip is really simple, have a a casual, friendly dining atmosphere, with great pub food and good service and perhaps some good music that isn’t to loud that won’t scare away the family crowd and you got it made. And a great place to meet people.
    Not like places such as Blue Point or the other places that have failed here,good food and friendly a cheerful, accommodating staff, service that is attentive but not obtrusive, with a good drink selection what more could you ask for?
    I want to walk in to a place and get a warm greeting from the owner and not see him hanging out with his cronies and ignoring new customers. That’s what brought us Donovan’s .

  11. Anthony said

    “that place has always been a mystery… The new place that opened seems to be busy. ”

    Mu Husband and I were just there and our opinion of if was very mixed.
    First of all when we were there, just a few days ago, it was extremely empty, it was a weekday night at about 7:30 the height of dinner hour. There weren’t more than about 3 tables filled. They do not serve any liquor, wine, or beer and when we asked the owner when he was going to get his liquor license, he abruptly told us that he didn’t have any intentions to get one and that he will not be serving any in the future.
    OK, the menu was very VERY limited bit what we had, ( Burgers) were good. As for the service, we didn’t see anyone but the owner working there, don’t know what the story was but it was what it was.
    It seemed as if they were not prepared to be open.
    But if they do not intend to serve any liquor, wine, or beer I don’t think they will make it in this town. Not with the drinking crowd in Long Beach or Island Park.
    Perhaps he want to keep it as a restaurant for Kids. If that’s the case then he should serve popcorn, pancakes,juice, and other little munchies, with crayons on the tables.

  12. Thanks for the info. yeah, I’m just going on seeing how many cars are in the parking lot. I wish the new owners luck. It’s changed way too many hands and Island Park has enough vacancies to deal with….

    Do you know what I think would work in Island Park? Sonic.

  13. …. Or maybe it’s a place for “friends of Bill” (a.a.) Either way, he’ll have to make more of an effort if he wants it to survive.

    I disagree with you, Chris, bowling alleys and pool halls aren’t on the decline. Anthony’s right, if it’s done well then everyone can have fun there. Gone are the days of Dan Connor bowling leagues and beer drenched biker-hangout pool halls. There’s a whole new generation of these places out there and we should keep up with the times.

    There are already so many restaurants in LB. Although we are lacking when it comes to a nice, reasonably priced steakhouse. It would be nice if there were something to DO other than eat or go drinking. Not everyone wants to do that every weekend. Especially in the winter months.

  14. A Bowling alley or a Pool hall is not going to happen, face it, you may like it, but it’s not going to happen…
    A Bowling Alley cost a fortune, they are usually financed by a Bowling Manufacture.

    As for the fact that there are many restaurants in the area, there is always room for another … If it’s done right, it’s going to be a success, a good restaurant will draw people from surrounding towns. I kind of agree with the idea of a reasonably; priced Steak-House. It’s the one thing that Long Beach don’t have.

  15. I never expected it to happen. Lord knows all that can open around here are restaurants and bars. Let’s get another sushi or Mexican or Italian restaurant or generic pub with crappy food. Being a town full of those places has done so much for our economy and reputation as it is why change it?

    I just think that maybe, just maybe, we should try thinking outside of the box.

  16. How about a new and improved restaurant that’s NOT crappy.?.
    First of all, you need a Restaurant Owner who is hands on, not an absentee owner. You need a general manager, or host, or front person who knows customer service, not one with a attitude.
    And don’t ever trust anyone completely with your money or your business reputation.
    Remember, by just asking patrons how their meal is, does not make them good. And one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) reason a restaurant fails. poor location no parking,bad customer service, and of course BAD food, good selection, keep changing the daily specials so that the regulars don’t get sick and tired of the menu, as well as high prices. Competitive prices in both the food and the drinks, and talking about drinks, for heavens sake, pour a decent size drink, if there is one thing that bugs the hell out of me is a small sized drink.
    Give a customer all these things and they will recommend the place to others, if not they will recommend that you don’t go there.

  17. Chris that was a very good list of reasons why some restaurants make it and others don’t. . I have witnessed many restaurants that I liked bu failed and I have my reasons as to why they failed.
    Such as people who open a place without restaurant experience, and some fail because of the lack of capital, or poor locations as you mentioned, no parking, bad practices, such as not treating their customers the right way or having their servers not treating their customers the right way, expanding to early, and my pet peeve is having a bad attitude, mismanagement by their manager, also having family members working there or as partners, and so on. Some people believe that the restaurant business is simple, and that If you can cook well, work hard, and have enough money then you can open a restaurant. Not true. I have found from my own experience that a bad or wise ass manager and employees keep people away more than any other reason. Some Managers will Ignore some people and/or play favorites with their best customers

  18. Another big reason why places fail is simply that the rents are too high. The people that really do care about their business and want to offer quality food/service just can’t afford to. If the rents stay as high as they are then we’ll never get a decent place that can keep it’s head above water for any length of time.

  19. We really need a good restaurant to go to on a Saturday night or when you have a special occasion, I thought that the Allegria Hotel: would be a place like that, but it proved not to be so. It turned out that the prices are high, the food is mediocre at best, the drink prices are outrageous, and the service is the pits. All and all it’ was not what I had hoped it would be.
    For example, I was looking for a nice place to take my wife for Valentine’s Day, and there really isn’t any in Long Beach. If you want to find one that gas great ambiance ,great food & service, and not snobbish , you’ll have to venture out of this area to either the North Shore or to Manhattan.
    LB is great for pizza, sushi, or Pubs, nothing for a romantic dining or even gourmet food with fine service. Memorable meals don’t exist in Long Beach. Makes you wonder if people around these parts have even heard of Fine Dining.

  20. Love the bowling alley idea, and we absolutely 100% definitely need a real Mexican place. I wanted to open one in the west end but they make you close too early to really cash in on the weekends. Heck, I’d be happy if Green Cactus came back. As for the breakfast Jazz place, we used to have that every Sunday for brunch at Monterrey and it was awesome.

  21. Anthony…thanks for the thumbs up. I have plans to offer more food on the menu, but expansion is not in my headlights. Small is beautiful and bigger is not necessarily better. One thing for sure is that I will continue to make and improve what we have. After 38 years of doing this, I am still learning.

  22. Oh, by the way, I plan on opening tomorrow (after we dig out) and have a kick ass organic gluten free squash quinoa soup in the crockpot. I will also be making a batch of EAST MEETS WEST (organic brown rice, gmo-free tofu, veggies and tahini ginger sauce (also gluten free) If you haven’t tried my gluten free oatmeal made with flax milk, organic flax & sunflower seeds, coconut, maple syrup & pure vanilla extract topped with fresh fruit, you are missing the heartiest breakfast in long beach!

  23. Has everyone forgotten about Chaba-thai? Super affordable, top notch service and quality. The owner is hands-on with service and cooking.

    Bob’s is also an often overlooked place for killer lunches and gets 5 stars for comfort.

  24. So Crystal you want servers to leave you alone but you get upset when the table next to you gets attention instead of you? I don’t think you’ve ever been a Server or held a position in the service industry enough to realize it’s odd demanding customers who would say such things that make Servers give attitude in the first place.

    And for everyone- a Server/Bartender remembers bad tippers. If you are a repeat customer somewhere and think service is below par, chances are the service you get is reflected in your previous tip.

  25. Sorry “BOX” your nasty comment does not deserve a reply., but I’ll try any way.
    I guess that only you have the right to express your options here.

    I know ALL about “bad tippers” and by the way I am not one of them. But I also think that other people deserve good service as much as repeat customer do. Remember that the “Server/Bartender” do not own the place and therefor should not be playing favorites so that the owner loses customers because of them.
    But thanks for trying, even if your comment was Out of Line!

  26. We Hear ya Bob,
    Thanks for being open today, was coming to see about your Hot Food for my home with a cold Steffie. She devoured your Organic Gluten Free Squash Quinoa Soup, and only left me a smidgen to taste, and I can vouch that it was indeed “Kick Ass!, (Thank You 🙂 )” As always your East Meets West Was Delicious (Thank you 😀 ). Sean Made the creamsickle smoothie even better yesterday with my supervision and I’ll share with you how. Hands Down, I like that I can bring in my own royal Jelly (Which I purchased from your amazing store) and add a nice scoop to the already wonderfully composed Smoothie Recipe, I Felt soo good after I drank it.
    Anyways, I feel that you’re absolutely right; Bigger doesn’t always mean better, Expanding doesn’t always lead to Prosperity. Your core ambition for improving the store for 38 years (Way before and after the storm) has supported our community without a doubt. That virtuous moderation and discipline is undervalued these days, and We’d like to say Thanks! 😎

  27. There are plenty of restaurants that do well in long beach and they all revolve around booze. That is fine with me but you have to expect a certain experience when you go to these places for food. Many places don’t make money on food…their profit is in the drinks that are ordered with the meal. Many of you want a high end restaurant with reasonable prices..usually the two don’t go hand and hand but take a look at our town. It is run down and neglected by the lack of money that the city has had to make a difference. Now is the time for the city planner to put a more robust plan in action to change the landscape of long beach. Hopefully there will be an infusion of money into the town to repair what was lost in Sandy. We have to do the boardwalk right! Put some stores/restaurants etc on the boardwalk and have access from the boardwalk. I have almost given up on beech street! More money needs to be placed on the bay side where a second boardwalk could be built with a bayside restaurant blitz. Place some stores/seafood joint/open air bar. Forget the bowling alley and pool rms you need real estate for that…we need to capitalize on what we have and that is waterfront property. Give merchants a chance with a new robust atmosphere and will draw the masses on the weekend summer months…oh God I know I mentioned people actually wanting to come to long beach…I just woke up all the people who are worried about parking! All I can say is “let it go!” The more people that come down to our city by the sea the less we have to pay in taxes and maintain our infrastructure. Owners of buildings on beech st should have to redo their facade. They are asking high rents and not maintaining their store front. There is no cohesive theme that is running through the town…that is what a city planner is for!! I think the spanish mission look is dated and done already. Lets redesign and rebuild!! Give these new owners a chance with a new look to the town…with that you will have more entrepreneurs making their way to long beach with better food, service and overall experience. My point is that you can’t just throw a business in the middle of town and hope it works. Corbin and Reynolds was a perfect example…a ton of money with thrown at that store front. Good food to start with a very nice atmosphere and then it all came crashing down. Food quality dropped and now it is or was a fancy diner! We all stopped going there because it didn’t offer anything different than a short drive to rockville centre! Where you could get better food and walk around town to different bars and shops. If you build it they will come!! I am raising a family in long beach just like so many of you and I am staying!! I am putting a ton of money into my house to make it a beautiful place for my family to live and enjoy. I have faith that we will all make this a better town. Now is the time to make a change and the local gov’t has to take an initiative to do that. Why are so many seaside towns successful? They are beautiful places to visit..regardless of what types of bars/restaurants/shops they have! I love long beach and am going to stay but it doesn’t mean that I am totally thrilled with the way it looks! And some of you dog owners that can’t seem to pick up after your dog….either make an effort to do so or please leave town! Sorry! Off topic!

  28. Matt, I have almost given up on beech street also but only because of the parking situation. I loved Caffee Laguna but it was impossible to park there on a Sat night or even a Friday, so I haven’t been there in a long time.

    And by the way you said that “Many of you want a high end restaurant with reasonable prices..usually the two don’t go hand and hand”
    I agree, of course they do, no one especially me thought otherwise. But when i go to a nice and high end restaurant, I go with the expectations that it would be higher priced, but still reasonable in a sense that it’s not crazily priced. I don’t want to have to get ripped off either.

  29. I’m Riding my bicycle today, WITH A HELMET, And there is always parking for my bicycle ANyWHERE in The LBNY!
    BTW, I’d also like to give big ups to the non corporate stores that were open yesterday after the storm. I already patronized the All Powerful Juiceman-Bob, I also had a Chai Latte at Gentle Brew <3 (Ask for their home made marshmallows in your beverage,…they're irresistible. Dinner was fabulous from Villagio! Thanks for staying open you three.!

  30. Hi Bob! Yeah, I was just saying Bob Natural is an asset to LB and a bigger Bob Natural would be an even bigger asset, but I totally understand why you want to stay small. I don’t blame you. Thanks for posting!

  31. OK, but it’s been 3 months since they opened after the storm, how long does it take for them to get their act together?
    Yeah we’ve been supporting them but it’s time that they reciprocated. Come on that limited menu seems like an excuse for a lazy chef, OR CHEAP OWNER

  32. As far as the lack of “nice places” to go on in the area, the place that used to be Taberna, in AB, (it has a new name now but I can’t remember what it is), is one of the most underrated places in the whole area. The clams are amazing, the steaks are always good and the prices are very reasonable. The staff is always attentive and knowledgeable. It is one of the few places I have been to as many times as I have where I can honestly say I’ve never had a problem there, either with food or service. Its right before the AB bridge on the right hand side if you’re driving west, give it a try when you have a night free, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. And it is (at least to me), a place romantic enough for a special occasion.

  33. I agree that Sugo is excellent- both the food and the service! We NEED another good restaurant b/c I can’t go there every weekend. I love the bowling idea too. On another note, the employees at the more casual places need to learn about service and first impressions. I get it, its the beach, its relaxed- but please don’t roll out of bed and show up to work! At least put on clean clothes and comb your hair into a bun. I went to a breakfast place in Point Lookout (not JoJos) the girls behind the counter were wearing mismatched pajamas with messy hair (not ‘chic’ messy). CASUAL is fine!! Throw on yoga pants or sweats- but PJs? Messy/dirty/slobbish is not fine. I went to another place where the woman had her head on the counter playing on her cell phone…I don’t mind that she was playing on her phone- I minded that a head of hair was on the food counter!

  34. Matt said. “My point is that you can’t just throw a business in the middle of town and hope it works. Corbin and Reynolds was a perfect example…a ton of money with thrown at that store front.”

    Matt, Corbin and Reynolds was a perfect example of a restaurant that was ran poorly with bad management. and bad customer service.

  35. I could very well be wrong, but think the limited menus are more about limited clientele than they are about a chef or owner being lazy and/or cheap. We’re still only at about 60% capacity in our town (residents returning home). It’s really hard to keep a full menu when your business is down because of that (don’t forget, there’s a multiplier affect to that too – residents bring friends down here, etc…). Personally, I think we should have all the patience in the world for the businesses that are back. They’ve all just overcome the same BS we’re all dealing with and are trying to get back on their feet as well. If they all were forced to carry full menus, they’d have to dump a lot of product that didn’t move off the shelf quick enough and threaten what is, i’m sure, an already very tight margin of profit…if they’re making one at all. most of these business would already run a deficit over the course of most winters. I’m going to take a gander that this winter is just a smidge worse than most.

  36. Darth Bacon: I look at your screen name and all I can think about is how a really want a Star Wars-themed restaurant to open up that serves nothing, but bacon. Perhaps Porkins is a good name for such a place?

  37. A great brunch place, especially if it could be built on the boardwalk. It would be fantastic to get Sunday brunch with friends while staring out at the ocean, something that could be enjoyed by the locals on a regular basis (unlike the Allegria).

    I really like the idea of a bowling alley or pool hall. We have enough bars, but a place that offered decent drinks, bar food, a lounge and bowling would be interesting. There’s a pool hall in island park that also hosts my air hockey league on weeknights. A place like that could be a meeting spot for lots of different clubs or groups on weeknights(knitting circles, book clubs, air hockey if they got some tables, etc.)

    I’m not sure if the people who run Barrier Brewery are really interested in opening up a bar–but a bar serving all the different beers they have to offer would be great. Their beer is brewed just over in Oceanside!

  38. So many restaurants in Long Beach with sub-par/mediocre food. That’s too bad. I’d love a hip place like Snaps in Wantaugh or The Pheonix in Seaford–two restaurants that offer amazing atmosphere and eclectic, affordable menus. But you know what I miss more than anything? A book store. Granted, those may be more a thing of the past than bowling alleys–at least to some, not to me–but I miss strolling along Park Ave in the East End, grabbing a slice, browsing through that book store/thrift store that used to be there, then doing some light shopping at Associated. Maybe a coffee-shop/book store. (Though I’d love a pool hall or bowling alley too. Just not sure the residents who live next to NYSC or the old LB Rehab place on Lafeyette would be terribly happy about that. Hell, I’d settle for some decent dart boards in this town.)

  39. I’m going to suggest something other than a restaurant!

    I’ve often daydreamed of there being a quality creative outlet/studio space located at the old physical rehab place next to the Dairy Barn. I took some classes at such a place in Brooklyn called 3rd Ward ( and I think this would be a great draw to Long Beach that’s something other than beach related.

    The place would offer a wide-range of classes for adults or children, beginner to advanced (social media intro, web design, knitting, painting, sculpting, app creation, etc.—you name it.) and would also provide studio space for local artists who may not have the space or utilities at home.

    In this daydream, I thought it would be cool to have the huge west wall be a new mural each year by a selected artist. And/or, to steal an idea from this website, have the ticket booths decorated every year in the spring as a competition of sorts…

    my 2¢

  40. I have always thought we need some sort of B&B/Inn type place. There’s no where to stay in town besides Allegria, and that place is a bit on the expensive side for most. It doesn’t have to be right on the beach. Just a nice, quaint place where people can stay a night or two, maybe serve a nice brunch or dinner. Something that fills more than one void. One of the old mansions would be perfect. Even good for weddings, too.

    Even though it’s seemingly the only place around, I’m pretty sure if I have to endure yet another wedding at Bridgeview I may just revolt. Maybe that’s just me though:)

  41. I think people here are way too optimistic about the future of long beach. With what is happening with property taxes, and what’s going to happen with flood insurance rates, the residential homeowner base is going to under great stress and they form the basis for customers in most places (except the bars). Waldbaums is going to go under shortly, King Kullen is taking all their business. So add that to the list of empty stores soon.

  42. I think a great Latino restaurant would do very well here in LB. You know, marinated rotisserie chicken and the whole range of typical cuisine.The place I would love in town would be like Poillo de Paises (this is totally misspelled!),which is on Old Country Rd. a bit west of Wantagh Pkwy. Very reasonable, very good.

  43. It’s a shame that the Allegria can’t fill the needs of LB. The owner put a lot of money into the place and it is quite attractive. But very few have good things to say about the way it is run. Both the hotel and the restaurant get ongoing negative reviews. Too bad.

  44. Surf Taco all up and down NJ coastline are huge hits. Very casual, you order and they serve it to you. They give you a table number and you pick your booth. Great menu, bring one to LB! Not a franchise like Chipotle either for all you mom and pop people, only like 4 stores around.

  45. Been to Duke Falcons lately?
    It’s just not the same, nor as good as it was. I’m thinking they either have a different Chef, or they are cutting corners .

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