Bump Out Deck Boardwalk Concept [Boardwalk Rebuild Idea #4]

We received a bunch of submitted boardwalk concepts, all unique and wonderful in their own way. Of course, this blog has no control over what eventually gets done, because… well.. it’s just a blog. But it’s still fun to talk about the boardwalk-rebuild nonetheless. So send one in if you got it (extra Points go to those who make concept drawing). Here is the list so far:

This next concept comes from local resident Joey Naham, who calls for the idea of adding a deck which would be utilized for all sorts of things. Check it out:

Bump Out Deck Boardwalk Concept

The(Third) Boardwalk (Built in the 1930’s) was approximately 50-60 feet wide. The army core of engineers proposed to build beneficial Dunes south of the Boardwalk. The Dunes will be approximately 80-100 feet wide (According to an old Long Beach Herald Article).  The “Bump Out Deck” Would span across the Dunes and provide a number of ecological benefits, as well as community benefits:

  • Summer Concerts utilize temporary stages that are situated adjacent to the boardwalk. The Deck would remove the dune barrier that patrons will have who desire to watch the concert from the boardwalk.
  • A Deck over the Dunes, as opposed to making a gap between Dunes for patrons and vehicles to access the beach would increase the durabaiity of the Dunes when confronted with a Hurricane.
  • A Deck should mirror the width of the boardwalk, 60 feet.
  • There should be benches on the outside of the deck to face The Sunrise in the East, and the Sun Set from the west.
  • There should be a ramp that is 15 feet wide for sun bathers, as well as first responder vehicles access to the beach.
  • The inside real estate/space of the deck can have a gazebo, and space for local businesses to provide a vendor wagon on the beach to increase concessions, and commerce. Also the space can be used for our Long Beach Crafts Fair, this way the main boardwalk-thorough fare won’t be impacted like it has been from years past.
  • Excersize (The Pull Up Bars) can be put on the Deck’s corners.
  • A Deck can bring people together who wish to have a cup of coffee, outside of the way of runners and bicycle riders.
  • There can be as few as one deck, or as many as a deck for every other, or even all 14 blocks of the boardwalk.

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8 thoughts on “Bump Out Deck Boardwalk Concept [Boardwalk Rebuild Idea #4]”

  1. Is it really true that the projected cost of our boardwalk is 4x the construction cost (per mile) of the New Jersey boardwalk rebuilds?

  2. Rubber is not a good idea….the rubber ground in the Magnolia playground pulled completely apart in both storms…expensive and a maintenance nightmare. Also keep large vehicles like police cruisers off the boardwalk….they over compress the boards and slowly destroy everything. Emergency and police vehicles for boardwalk use should be lightweight and electric.

  3. This is a chance to build a modern, user friendly boardwalk that will be the model of all others. Hopefully the opportunity will be seized.

  4. If I was given accurate information, we lost so much beach that it is less than 100 feet wide in some places. So at 60 feet wide for the boardwalk and an additional even 50 feet for dunes, now you are in the water. That could be a problem.

  5. If the army vote of engineers cultivated a dune ecosystem, and our jetties are fixed up you result in natural beach sediment build up. This is not only for “Erosion Prevention” but beach development. this concept isnt suppose to stretch past the dunes, but built over the dunes as a deck that ends right where the dunes end.Go to the beaches in Lido and see their sun bathing areas do not begin on their ramps before the dunes end, but right after the dunes. And, fyi the lido dunes are without a jetty system, so In the space south of the army core of engineer’s dunes will have mote accumulated beach preserved by the dune’s system and sustained through the jetty development system. if there were dunes now, sand wohld not be allowed to blow north off the beach, and the jettys would build/accumulate all of the beach back naturally.

  6. I’m Sorry about the typos. Also the Army *Core of Engineers stated they would build a been (from dredged sand ) and construct the dune atop the higher elevation of the berm, thus resulting in a substantially higher dune elevation. Thats why I’m trying to advocate for a bump out deck, many neighbors at the meeting were concerned of the lower elevation of the boardwalk in comparrison to the dune system, and if we buid taller, we’ll clear the dunes elevation and have have a structure to abutt the beach area once again. To watch concerts, volleyball games, play guitar, watch surfers, fish watch.etc.

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