Here is our new Boardwalk (Yep, we can still call it a boardwalk!)

The design of our new boardwalk has been revealed. Check out the PDF posted on the official City of Long Beach website for all the info you need: LINK

Some notes:

  • Wood decking for most of the boardwalk, mixed with concrete only in the center of town for events & festivals (National Blvd to Long Beach Road).
  • The wood is sustainable tropical hardwood which has a 30-40 year lifespan, good for knees and bare feat.
  • The concrete will be in the form of planks – 40 year lifespan.
  • Wave-break wall (vinyl/fiberglass sheeting) to protect the boardwalk from future Sandy-like storms.
  • The bike lane boards will go East-West instead of North-South.
  • Aluminum pipe rails
  • Lovely ornamental “Bishop’s crook” lamposts – a nod to the past.
  • oh yeah, and screws!

Other things that will be discussed next:

  • Concessions
  • Comfort and wash stations
  • Bump outs for seating and shade
  • Wi‐Fi
  • (ticket booths?)

Again, you can read all this here: LINK. Below are just a few screen shot images that capture what it looks like:

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 10.07.54 PMScreen Shot 2013-03-05 at 10.08.12 PMScreen Shot 2013-03-05 at 10.22.12 PM

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34 thoughts on “Here is our new Boardwalk (Yep, we can still call it a boardwalk!)”

  1. Hope lights are not the same as historical brick blocks, the paint started chipping away soon after they went in. Other than that like everything but price tag

  2. Are those the same ones by Aqua? Those are badly chipped too. What the hell did Garden City do? They installed these same type of lights like 10 years ago and they still look pretty good.

  3. Creating more plastic isn’t sustainable either. Trees can be replanted.

    “Younger, actively growing trees absorb more carbon dioxide and produce more oxygen than overly mature trees. ”

  4. Hi Anthony, The structural plastics use recycled plastic for the most part from discarded milk jugs and other HDPE products which helps solve landfill problems as well.

    Rainforest trees aren’t being replanted as they do not lend themselves to plantation growing and Ipe in particular generally grows one to an acre. This is what causes further deforestation as roads have to be cut to get to each tree. And the destruction that follows humans down these new roads is another side effect.

    Then there is the “Buy American” issue. People complain about jobs but look the other way when money is spent on rainforest wood.

    Conversely, for example, the TimberSil mentioned here before is a domestic product that takes advantage of plantation grown pine and the effects you mention above. And unlike rainforest wood it comes with a 40 year warranty.

    The bottom line is that there are certainly better alternatives to rainforest wood and people really can’t ignore them and then complain about the side effects of climate change like Sandy.

    At the very least LB should ask bidders to provide quotes for several alternative decking materials like Belmar did to cover all the bases.

  5. Won’t the sea wall under the boardwalk force water east and west with greater force and cause more erosion in the west and east ends? Or is this a magical breakwater that behaves different than all others built just like it. Forcing water up New York ave or east towards pacific both which used to be inlets doesn’t seem such a great idea. I also can’t find any info about raising the overall height of the boardwalk, did I miss it?

  6. I agree with the “no more cars” on the boardwalk. The city has enough vehicles, other than cars and trucks to drive on that boardwalk.

  7. Coney Island has this design, it survived the storm. BUT NYPD drive on the boards they are warped and cave in, holes. The boards can’t take cars and trucks. This traffic destroys the wood. The sub structure can not take the weight. Walk a mile on coney boardwalk and see what shape our boards are in and how many autos, trucks and vans you see on that walk.

  8. It’s not a seawall, just cheap fiberglass to keep waves from pounding the boardwalk. As soon as the water is high enough against this “wall”, it will collapse just like the cinder-block walls under some of the boardwalk did during Sandy.

  9. Will they be removing the current concrete pilings for the new boardwalk? I don’t see any reason they need to do that and it could be cost savings.

  10. Where is the money coming from to pay this crazy $40M price tag – what is the City just going to bond the money and bill the taxpayers for it. Don’t they understand that residents here are broke from repairing their homes, and the losses to their property values.

  11. I wasn’t able to attend the actual meeting,but read the PDF and plan on watching the online version tonight – but just out of curiousity what did they say (if anything) about the bathroom/washroom situation for this coming beach season? Thanks!

  12. In other words…. useless 🙂

    The city is way off on priorities with building the boardwalk now. And at more than 10 times the cost of any other boardwalk in the area.

  13. Call it whatever you want !!!
    It should have been ALL CEMENT !!!! Just like the section of boardwalk in Rockaway B70th area !! Which was the only section of boardwalk to survive Sandy without any damage !

  14. I live oceanfront and I sure agree! It should SURPRISE NO ONE that DRIVING BIG PICKUP TRUCKS which weigh about 5000 [five-thousand] lbs. AS CITY OF LONG BEACH SANITATION DID EVERY DAY!! WRECKS BOARDWALKS?! Really, now,is it necessary to use a heavy vehicle to remove trash from a three-foot public trash basket? I think the trash baskets could be lifted, put on a wagon, taken down the ramp and dumped into the pickup truck!

  15. Anthony & LB, The type of pole is strictly a local preference but I will tell you that the lower decorative type poles can effect the lighting quality and boardwalk atmosphere. Our previous mayor fell in love with a certain pole but because it was lower than the previous plain street poles – even though it had double fixtures – the uniformity of the lighting dropped significantly. What was worse is that you now look straight into the glare of the lights when strolling and the faces of people coming at your are shadowed. All in all the poor quality of light, as a friend put it , makes it always feel like you are in a store that is closing down. because of their lower height they also do not throw light across the entire boardwalk. Instead half of the light is thrown off to the beach.

    Here are 2 PDF links to double but lower Decorative Light Poles spaced at 80′ intervals, and Street LEDs spaced at 100′ intervals.Because of their lower height the decorative poles also do not throw light across the entire boardwalk. Instead half of the light is thrown off to the beach. The LED’s can be focused in several specific patterns as you can see in the PDF.

    Double Luminares spaced every 80′:

  16. Given the current proposal’s cost, the biggest fear is that they actually start working on it. Then a few months from now, when FEMA tells them they won’t be getting $40M because the cost estimate is so insane, they will come out and say “oops, we signed the contracts already and rebuilding has begun, now we have to float $20M in bonds to cover the difference and hand the bill to already crushed taxpayer/homeowners”. The only chance to stop this, is for the State of NY to step in and strip Long Beach government of its authority to move forward. But that won’t happen, because Long Beach is a Democrat town and Cuomo will never intervene. Between tax increases, flood insurance premiums which are going to skyrocket, homeowners insurance that is going to rise (if you can even get it), plus the crumbling infrastructure in the City generally, Long Beach is in serious trouble folks. And no one is even talking about it.

  17. I’m glad that a new boardwalk will be built, no matter if it’s 1 month from now or 3 months from now, it’s going to be built. If it take a year or 6 month, again it’s going to be built. We all would like it now ,but now is not happening, so let everyone relax and will all enjoy the new boardwalk soon

    this is just my opinion

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