Junk on the Beach (IN LIVING COLOR!)

A local named Jennifer sent in this photo of a TV embedded in the sand off Neptune Blvd beach. The sad part is: it’s not even a good TV! No HDMI, USB ports, 1080p or smart TV functions. Anybody find any similar junk like this on the beach? Like beepers or a ditto machine?

Read Jennifers’ email below where she brings up a good point: Was this TV recently dumped? Because all the sand dumped on the beach supposed to be sifted through. I haven’t taken a walk on the beach in about two weeks, so I am unaware of its current state.


Dear Seabythecity,

I was taking a walk on the beach the other day near Neptune Blvd, when I saw a television set submerged in the sand. I’ve attached a picture of the television to this email. I know most of the Mount Sandy sand has been dumped back on to the beach after it was supposedly sifted through and the debris was cleaned out. I can’t help but wonder if this was part of it. It seemed like it was there for awhile, and I can’t imagine why someone would dump their TV in the middle of the beach. If it is from Mount Sandy, it concerns me that the whoever was in charge of sifting through the sand to return it to the beach once it was deemed safe and clean could overlook such a large piece of debris. If they missed a 24 inch television, what else could they have missed? Glass? Needles? Garbage? Bodies (kidding! but hey I wouldn’t be that surprised)??

Have you heard anything from your other readers about coming across anything on the beach that raised a flag or two? In addition to the TV, there were lots of fragments of what looked like concrete in the dunes. I wasn’t sure what to do with this information, but I thought someone should know about it.
Jennifer K

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6 thoughts on “Junk on the Beach (IN LIVING COLOR!)”

  1. I think we , the residents of Long Beach, should pick a weekend and gather the forces with big garbage bags and start cleaning up all the junk that can be picked up. we shoudl leave the filled bags in a common area by the pillars for sanitation to remove.
    I live by the boardwalk and have watched the sifting machine do what it does but so much debris is getting blown around the beach that it is impossible for the sifter to get it all.
    just like the bulb planting and Christmas trees dumping, the proud people of Long Beach would help clean up its beach.

  2. They are sifting on a constantly, but there is still an insane amount of broken glass on the beach and especially in the dunes. It must only gab the large items…

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