South Shore Blueway Stakeholder’s Meeting [April 4th]

The South Shore Blueway (according its website) is:

A project to plan and develop a new network of water access in the western portion of the South Shore Estuary, identifying put-in sites on the Hempstead Bays and South Oyster Bay and routes best suited for human-powered boating.

They basically want to make non-motor boating easier and safer on the bay from Long Beach to the Great South Bay. I fully support this project. A few years ago I went kayaking via Empire Kayaks in Island Park and had an amazing experience. It was ridiculously easy to rent a kayak and explore the bay in a way I never did before. It felt like vacation, which is exactly how I want to feel 24/7.

Thursday, April 4th is the South Shore Blueway Trail Stakeholders Meeting where your input counts. Register here if you want to partake. Check out for more info.


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