Everybody’s Favorite Vacant Temple has seen a Price Drop

According to Zillow, this Gracious Original L.B.House Of Worship, Built In 1920’S On Tree-Lined Beachside Block. Very Large Space, Lots Of Possibilities! has recently seen a price drop. Yep, Ye Olde Temple Beth El @ 570 W. Walnut Street is now $74,000 less than the previous asking price ($399,000 reduced to $325,000).

What would one do with such a building? Hmm… I have some ideas.. (Read – Somebody please buy this building and turn it into Performing Arts Center / Music Venue.) Move the building to Waldbaums Shopping Parking Lot.  A (gentle brew coffee served) coffee house that just so happens to play old movies in the background & live music on the weekends. Plenty of parking in the shopping center. DO IT!

For those who have been following the blog, I know I’ve beaten this topic to death. I am just obsessed with this building. I dislike it when historical buildings are destroyed. The reality is: I’m sure once the price is right, some developer will snatch it up, knock it down and build a two-family house. Buuuuu,I kinda wish it remains the way it is with a converted use. Who’s buying?


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5 thoughts on “Everybody’s Favorite Vacant Temple has seen a Price Drop”

  1. I live on this block and think that’s a great idea! I wouldn’t love a crazy club-type place, but an arts/cinema/music/gallery space would be terrific. Parking would be problematic though unless it was moved as suggested.

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