Beach & Boardwalk Beautification Ideas (from Florida)

I recently went on a trip to Florida where I experienced 88 degree weather drop down to 45 degrees in a matter of days. Still, it was nice to get away and check out other beachside areas and compare them with ours. I visited Fort Lauderdale & Hollywood. Both had some really cool beatification ideas that could work here!

I’ll start first with Hollywood, Florida. Hooray for Hollywood, Florida! Somebody told me prior to my trip that Hollywood was a dump. It was far from that! It actually reminded me a lot Long Beach. There were older & newer mixed residential buildings with a beach-side walk parallel to the ocean. It did seem like it was going though a renaissance, so that gave me hope about our own beach town renaissance.

This is the beachside walk in Hollywood where I got to see cool painted ticket booths, statues, ornamental lighting and murals! Oh yeah, no garbage anywhere! It was so clean!

IMG_3074One thing I really liked about Hollywood, FL was the amount of detail and art that was scattered throughout the city. In the next two photos you’ll see a mermaid, mural and fish-themed tile mosaic bench. Art for art’s sake. They were created just to make us smile.

IMG_3079 IMG_3081

This next photo of the booth really made me very happy. All this talk in the past about painting the ticket booths in LB, I never would have thought of this design. It’s so simple, yet so effective! I can almost picture a similar design in Long Beach for either our ticket booths or bathrooms.


The next batch of photos are of Fort Lauderdale, beachside along route A1A.

When I took this next photo, the temperature was in the mid-80s. The paved walk was so hot that I was actually melting. Bike riders use the bike lane along the road and there were hardly any joggers.

Look at the mural in the background. Again, Art for art’s sake.


Fish welcoming all to the beach. Art for art’s sake. This statue was actually made out of water bottles. IMG_3034

I end my journey here with separate recycling & trash containers. Note: They aren’t junky, rusty bent ones chained to a railing! IMG_3031

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6 thoughts on “Beach & Boardwalk Beautification Ideas (from Florida)”

  1. Love!!! I suggested an art project in my Boardwalk survey… didn’t see any mention of the idea in their report. If enough of us want this it can happen.

  2. Michelle & Cindi, The facebook group Project 11561 has a few things cooking that they arent ready to announce yet. I heard a few, but was told not to blog about them… yet, but they are really good stuff.

    I will post info as to how you can participate the second I hear something. Here is one project already:

  3. Ha, ha, ha ha ! Ha, ha, ha, ha , ha!
    Long Beach????
    I’m afraid I’m an old cynic.
    LB can’t get it’s bus schedule coordinated with the LIRR so how can you expect any meaningful improvements when simple, common sense things can’t get done?
    Both coasts are full of charming beachside towns but LB sadly isn’t one of them and probably won’t become one either.

  4. Thanks Anthony…. positive voices and people with creative spirit will always be admired and find success! Ignore the critics with no vision. Rock on!

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