Newsday with Army Corp Details

In an update from what I just posted an hour ago, Newsday has some details on what City Council will be voting on at the March 18th City Council Meeting. In their article Officials announce beach plan to protect Long Beach from storms, some details include:

  • A dune 16 feet above sea level stretching across all of Long Beach, East Atlantic, Lido and Point Lookout.
  • The dune will be 1.5 feet lower than the proposed rebuilt boardwalk.
  • The beach itself will be 3 to 5 feet higher than what it is now.
  • This engineered beach will be be financially replenished by the army corp if another storm hits.
  • They are still trying to figure out how to protect the bay.

More will be revealed at the March 19th City Council meeting, but head over to Newsday and read the entire article:

NEWSDAY: Officials announce beach plan to protect Long Beach from storms

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2 thoughts on “Newsday with Army Corp Details”

  1. This sounds good BUT 3, 5, 10, 20 years from now the city must continue to maintain whatever we end up having. I suspect the boardwalk would not have sustained such severe damage if it had been maintained over the years and the city needs to have a better understanding of what maintaining a beach entails. Hint…it is more than just raking up debris.

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