Food Trucks are coming to the Beach this Summer

I don’t have much more info other than what the title says, but I was told by a local restaurant owner that food trucks are indeed coming this summer. Yes, local restaurants will be able to participate. From what I’m told, unique and trendy food will be on the menu. So don’t expect the usual.

The food truck trend has exploded in the NYC. I’m not talking about your corner grease stand that sells hot dogs in old water, I’m talking fancy stuff like Kimchi, Hibachi, Fish Tacos, etc. Higher priced, higher quality food.

You have a food item you want specifically? Let’s hear it! (maybe somebody is reading)


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29 thoughts on “Food Trucks are coming to the Beach this Summer”

  1. I agree that a central location would be great. It would make it feel like a destination in Long Beach, and I really feel like we need more to do ’round here.

  2. I hope it’s all local and not out of town trucks. Our business’s need the help this summer and don’t need competition from out of LB businesses. SwingBelly’s, West End Pizza truck , Pancho’s taco truck and bagel truck would be great!

  3. Anyone know if this is limited to established restaurants only? I am a LB resident and would seriously consider buying a food truck. I live next to the super block and its a prime spot for this type of business.

  4. We don’t need no Stinkin Food Trucks!
    When the hell is the work gonna start on the Boardwalk. That’s what we want.
    Let the Food Trucks go somewhere else!

  5. Food truck = the demise of local restaurant. When paying a food truck about $5 bucks for a lunch. Who is going to pay more in a local restaurant? Store rents are high as it is, along with licences, permits, insurance, kitchen help. How are these people expected to stay in business. When they have to compete with these outside grabbers. ,
    That said, the food carts are absolutely disgusting. The city should charge the food carts a market rent for their exclusive use of city land, force them to cart away their garbage, and most of all, subject them to the same sanitary/health inspections that restaurants must pass. The carts get a free ride on rent and a free pass on sanitation. Also the carts are magnets for low class people from other neighborhoods. My money would be better spent by supporting the brick and mortar restaurants.

    Whats next, street vendors?

  6. These guys ca’t keep their paws off local businesses Last year it was DEKO Bike now they are screwing around with the local restaurants. Why would a local restaurant that is paying rent, taxes permit fees, utilities and garbage fees want to purchase a vehicle, pay more fees to the City and hire more staff to basically compete with itself. Our esteemed City Council should take care of their own business and leave private business alone.

  7. I agree 100 percent! And why aren’t these restaurant owners raising hell about this? This is going to cost them their entire lunch business. Didn’t they have enough with Sandy and now this City is going to stab them in their backs after fighting so hard to come back!
    Anthony you think this is great? This is OUTRAGEOUS. Where is your support for the business men now?
    The hell with these outsiders like Decko Bikes and Food Trucks, we MUST support our business’s who struggle all year long, and not milk them when they need support!
    Shame on you.

  8. To be fair, DecoBike was a deal from the previous administration. And I am told that the food trucks will be local long beach restaurants. I dont know anything else about it – which restaurants were asked to do it, etc. But as far as I know, outsiders aren’t involved. I think you need to supply your own food truck, which are expensive. If you own a local long beach restaurant, i suggest you contact city hall for what is actually happening.

  9. If a restaurant is going to go out of business bc of a few food trucks, then maybe its their product thats the problem and not the competition. Im pretty confident that SUGO can pull it off. Some others, not so sure. So whats wrong with a little variety during the summer?

  10. Maybe you can hold your ranting & ravings until you have all the facts. What if it is relegated to just local businesses, as Anthony suggests? Are you for it then? I think a local eatery that’s not in a heavy beach-traffic area (ala 5 Guys or Brands) that relies on mediocre beach deliveries would jump at the chance of investing in a food truck and being placed right at the doorstep of the beach & boardwalk traffic. It evens the playing field so the best food & best service wins.
    A right-wing, free-market guy like yourself can surely appreciate that, yes?

  11. I’m not saying it says that; I’m saying it doesn’t say ANYTHING. By his own admission, Anthony says he doesn’t know much info beyond the post’s title. Everyone is jumping ugly on the food truck idea when they know nothing of the details. Can we at least hear it out first before the knee-jerk “dolts-in-office” reactions?

  12. I think limiting the number of trucks and confining them to 2 or 3 areas at most might be feasible. My biggest concern is the trash they may generate. Beach goers left enough trash on our streets without food trucks. Unfortunately, too many locals and visitors seem to believe they have the right to drop their discards anywhere they please. I say if this could be a leg up for local businesses let’s try to make it work.

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