Free Flea Market For Sandy Victims @ M’s Family Restaurant (hey, has anybody been there yet?)

Sunday, April 21st from 1-5 pm @ M’s Family Restaurant, 4160 Austin Blvd, Island Park. FEMA ID/Picture ID required. This is a great idea! Check out the details in the flier below.

M’s Family Restaurant is that free standing building on Austin Blvd that keeps changing names. Stone Turtle being one of the more recent ones. M’s opened around the same time as Superstorm Sandy and for a while was the only place in town. They seem to be doing well. Anybody try it yet?


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One thought on “Free Flea Market For Sandy Victims @ M’s Family Restaurant (hey, has anybody been there yet?)”

  1. Yes, I have been there once on a weekday night.
    Food was ok, service was not, the owner was the only one working there that night, He was a nice and very friendly man but his presence was far from enough. I don’t know about outer nights but thats how it was when we were there, The do not serve wine or beer and the place was decorated like my Grandma’s attic. Perhaps that where they found the decorations from. Once you get past the surrounding, the food wasn’t at all bad.
    The prices were very cheap and that ‘s probably the only reason why anyone goes there at all. And they have VERY few items on the menu selection. I have been struggling figure out just what this place has in mind, they seem to change their agenda weekly . They need to come up with a better idea about the direction they are going with.. It also .seemed like a haven for senior citizens

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