Urine-Indicator Dye to be used this Summer (ocean turns red when you pee in it) [UPDATED]


UPDATE: April 2nd, 2013. April Fools!

In an effort to stop those from peeing in the ocean, the City of Long Beach has announced that the additive ‘Urine-Indicator Dye’ will be used in the water at Ocean Beach Park this summer. This chemical compound releases a red dye when it reacts to the acidity of urine, thus singling out the exact location of the pee perpetrator.

The city was struck hard this past fall when Superstorm Sandy wiped out all beach-side bathrooms. Since replacement portable potties aren’t ideal, the city fears the convenience of the ocean will make it the new & hot pee spot. Higher PH levels and a rise in water temperature are just two of many reasons why the city is concerned.

As you can see in the chart below, a recent survey conducted on this blog revealed how “peeing in the ocean” was a problem well before this possible crisis.

Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 9.11.40 AM

 (Credit: 2012 seabythecity.com survey: Bathroom or Ocean?)

“Believe it or not, we all pee,” a city spokesperson tells us. “Hold it in, go before you come to the beach or use a bottle if you don’t like portable potties. Avoid peeing in the ocean if you don’t want to be singled out or ridiculed.”

With a $90 million dollar grant, expect a massive campaign this summer warning you of the chemical use and peepee consequences. Twenty signs were already purchased and the city is seeking additional grant money to purchase more.

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