Join the “Long Beach Comeback Crew” [A City Wide Beautification Project]

From the City of Long Beach Facebook Page:

This Earth Day weekend, the City of Long Beach will be launching the “Long Beach Comeback Crew” initiative where community volunteers will help rebuild our City by the Sea. The weekend-long event will focus on community beautification projects, such as landscape and design efforts and street clean-up. Residents and visitors are invited to join us in revitalizing Long Beach one block at a time. The festivities will run from Friday, April 19 through Sunday, April 21. 

If you would like to participate, please email

The City would like to thank its generous and dedicated Earth Day Event sponsors: Looks Great Services, The Home Depot, Viacom, and Starbucks.

Click here to view the event: Earth Day Weekend Beautification – Join the Long Beach Comeback Crew!

Us Long Beach residents will be doing our part with cleaning up and beautifying this great city by the sea, right? Right?? RIGHT??? Even if you just use the weekend as an excuse to do your own landscaping, it all helps. Beautification is contagious, after all (Broken Window Theory). Besides, aren’t you getting pretty tired of this?


As far as what type of trees and shrubs are best, here’s a list that’s been going around: Salt Tolerant Plants for Beach Landscaping. I hope that helps!

Please send some love to Project 11561 for conceiving this whole idea. Go to their Facebook page and LIKE them because they deserve it! Check out their own flier on this event below:


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  1. Sounds great, there’s a lot of garbage floating around and places that could look better than they do now. I wonder how well plants and trees will do with soil soaked with salt and pollutants.

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