Boardwalk Bid Goes To Grace Industries for 44.2 Big Ones.

  • $44.2 Million (second lowest bid).
  • It goes to Grace Industries, a Plainview firm (keeping it on the Island).
  • Work could start next week, but it’s mostly gathering materials and preliminary stuff.
  • Contract says they have 210 days to finish. I think that’s next October/November, but I can’t do complicated calendar math.
  • Sections will open as they are completed.
  • FEMA needs to pay for this, badly. PLEASE FEMA!
  • Please don’t compare the price to what’s going on in New Jersey ,where they are reusing a lot of stuff. Apples and Oranges.


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36 thoughts on “Boardwalk Bid Goes To Grace Industries for 44.2 Big Ones.”

  1. so the 44.2 million dollar question remains, is this an absurdly high cost to rebuild this boardwalk, or it reasonable?

  2. 210 days from today is Friday, November 1, 2013.

    A timelapse of the boardwalk construction would be great. I don’t live in an on-the-boardwalk building, but hopefully someone who does will prop up a camera in their window.

  3. I figure that if it were possible to do the work for less and still make a profit, someone would have submitted the bid to do so. After all, who wouldn’t like a nice big, well paying project to work on? Especially with unemployment here it is.

  4. It is considerably more expensive then what complete, all new timber boardwalks are being built for on the Jersey coast. $80/sqft vs. $40/sqft and Long Beach is not even building a new substructure.

    The extra expense is even more of a concern when you consider that they are putting decking that is suppose to last 40 years on top of treated joists that will maybe last 25 years which are on top of an 80 year old concrete substructure that could start failing quickly in 10 years.

  5. I work in Mellville and can attest to the amazing and efficient job Grace Industries has done to the construction project of widening route 110 and putting up a new bridge over route 110 for the Northern State. I have taken this route to work everyday since the first day of the project and know for a fact Grace Industries is completing each phase far ahead of schedule, so have full confidence in them re-building the boardwalk.

  6. Terrific, no boardwalk this summer and somehow it costs exponentially more than every other boardwalk being put up after Sandy. Go NY Go Ny Go! God I hate this corrupt island.

  7. Then move! Nobody’s stopping you. We have a problem here that no one could have foreseen and everyone’s trying their best to resolve. If you hate it here, there’s a plane, or a ship, or plenty of roads that will take you away.
    Burr buy…

  8. The cost is totally out of control. FEMA will never pay for all of this. Why didn’t the City wait to sign the contract until after they got an agreed upon sum from FEMA? This deal is going to bankrupt the taxpayers, total property taxes on a typical LB home is going to move towards $20K a year when all is said and done, and add $5K+ a year for flood insurance. There are going to be a record number of tax liens in Long Beach. And it won’t stop at $44M – there will be cost overruns galore. And yet, if you check the various LB facebook pages – most people could care less, they love the plan, I guess they are all renters.

  9. Everyone I talk to is absolutely thrilled about this new more durable boardwalk. Kudos to the city for their focus group sessions and for making this investment. Only radical republicans are pretending against this plan because, well, they’re against anything the administration is doing. People who want to get back in power and give jobs back to all their family members are going to council meetings and making a stink but the general consensus is that things are getting better every day.

  10. In fact, people are leaving Long Beach – in droves. And the more these post Sandy plans take shape, the more everyone learns about what is going to happen with taxes, and flood insurance and insurance in general – those people are looking more and more like the smart ones. Long Beach will have to eventually declare a municipal bankruptcy a few years from now – the State will allow them to bond all this for now, but there simply are no sustaining revenues to keep up with all the spending – across the board, the school district spending $26K per student, and FEMA isn’t going to pay for all this. Renters, tourists, people living in their parents houses, people living in subsidized housing – they are all for this stuff – why wouldn’t they be, they have no skin in the game.

  11. NOBODY INCLUDING ME said “run from problems instead of pointing them out. ”

    What I said was stop bitching about it and help solve the solution!

  12. Part of solving a problem is pointing it out. Long Island homeowners are crippled with taxes that would make atlas fall. Working for the state/county shouldn’t be a ticket to easy street, yet here there’s actual competition to get these jobs because everyone is so grossly overpaid. Guess who bears that burden?

    44.2 Million for a boardwalk when every other one costs a fraction should be a ridiculous red flag for anyone. It isn’t even like its a super rush job guaranteed to be done by memorial day, this is a “we’ll get to it when we get to it” job just like the tear down. Someone has to pay the piper, and believe much Schmuck Schumer will be gone the second the cameras are.

  13. Everyone is thrilled because the masses are asses and don’t understand finance or economics. I forgot that being concerned with ridiculous spending makes you a “radical” (nice talking point). Feel free to continue your rants against “radical” republicans, maybe you should try posting on the DailyKos instead?

  14. Hi, LBEsq.

    I hate the idea of government corruption as much as you it seems. And while I can’t speak to whether or not Long Beach is corrupt any more than I can say you’re a liar (I simply have no evidence either way, I don’t know enough to make a decision) if there is an issue, I would like to do something about it. I agree with your “don’t run from problems” post in this thread.

    Maybe you’ve heard of Lawrence Lessig? He’s an attorney like you. He’s also a professor (Harvard, Stanford) and author as well. First, he pushed for copyright reform through Creative Commons, which he co-founded.

    But in 2007, he announced that he was moving away from copyright reform to getting money out of government. Go check out a few of his latest TED talks. Pick up one or two of his latest books.

    If you’re serious about uncovering corruption (or verifying that there isn’t any, whatever the case may be) or just getting money out of politics in general, drop me a note at I’m dead serious about this issue and don’t want to waste time snarking back and forth on the ‘net if there’s serious work to be done about it.

  15. I wonder when Anthony will tire of bickering and name calling (as opposed to constructive criticism and civil disagreements) on his site and either [a] seriously start moderating comments or [b] shut the thing down because it’s not worth the aggravation and hassle.

    What will it take, for this place to look like the YouTube comment section before everyone thinks it has gone down hill?

    I’d really hate for to become a place where people sling insults at each other because no one can agree on anything.

  16. Bickering, name calling and all of this other nonsense is the reason why nothing gets done. WE ALL have to accept responsibility being WE elect our officials, WE have the right to have a voice and WE can only bring change. With that said we need to look at our community and realize that you can’t have your cake and eat it to. If you don’t want the avg property taxes to approach $20K/year than the citizens and employees of the town must ALL make concessions. Municipal workers shouldn’t be bankrupting a community because of their perks and pensions. Communities can’t complain about high taxes when they also restrict the municipality the ability to make revenue. Why did Long Beach run Quicksilver right out of town and prevent this amazing opportunity? Why doesn’t Long Beach have national volleyball tournaments? Why doesn’t Long Beach try to capitalize on the tremendous renting population. I’m a renter and hardly contribute to the revenue of the municipality. I would gladly pay to secure a parking spot on Broadway for the summer Months. Get creative LB, maybe places like shore rd. should be resident parking only, with a finite number of spots going for a premium. Instead of being the national media with nonsense republican vs democrat bickering get creative. Bring in the food trucks and generate revenue from permits, bring in the I.Fly experience.

    Just remember its not about what YOU want, its whats best for the community as a whole and at this point, from a business perspective, the inflows can’t be far less than the outflows. I’ve been in finance for over a decade now. The math equation is very simple.

  17. Communities can’t complain about high taxes when they also restrict the municipality the ability to make revenue.

    True, the money does need to come from some where. Though it seems the response on this site is often “spend less money instead of taxing more”, which is a valid approach at times. I’ve previously commented here that a sales tax, if the city had the authority to levy it, would be an interesting idea. Lower property taxes and charge sales tax. Not a lot, but maybe 0.5%. This way anyone who visits and gets $20 worth of pizza would pay $21.35 instead of $21.65. It would be barely imperceptible and while it would impact residents, it would also impact non-residents, which means money is is flowing into the municipality from people who don’t live here as well, shifting the tax burden from residents only to all who buy a pizza, get gas, etc. Whether or not this amount would pay off, how it would impact local businesses (who are suffering post-Sandy), etc. are all issues that would have to be researched and addressed. But hey, that’s what we have a government for, right?

    I’m a renter and hardly contribute to the revenue of the municipality.

    I respectfully disagree. Your landlord pays property taxes just as a homeowner does. When your landlord’s property taxes go up, your rent does as well. You contribute indirectly, but property taxes are paid on your dwelling just like people who own a condo, a co-op or a single-family home.

  18. I would like to know how, politically, the NY Sierra Club was gotten to. If you look online for stories about the Belmar boardwalk project, the NJ Sierra Club engaged them right away when they floated the idea to use ipe tropical wood for their project. Belmar backed off even before signing a contract, because they didn’t want the delays and expense of going to court. Where is the NY Sierra Club? Not a peep from them, and the LB contract is already signed for use of ipe. You can bet politics are involved here – somehow, its OK for Democrats to use wood from the rainforest. A real sweet deal.

  19. That was because people had to wait a week to get bottled water at the Superdome while “Browny was doing a heckuva job”

  20. A few years back we calculated that it took our city workers 3x as long to install ipe over SYP based on what they installed per day. Also, here is a recent National Geo article on illegal logging in South America. There really is no defense for the use of rainforest wood on a boardwalk.

  21. $44.2 million. 33,000 population. = $1339 p/person.

    Where do you think this money is coming from? Obviously the residents. Taxes and temperatures at record high this summer?

    Is a $44.2 million dollar boardwalk a good investment for a city on the verge of bankruptcy? Was it a good idea to sign the contract before we know what FEMA is kicking in? Is it a good investment without knowing if Sandy like storms are the new norm? Is it a good idea to start construction in the summer? Do people pay $12 to go on a construction site or a beach?

    Why an elevated boardwalk? Why not a waterfront path like in Venice, CA?

    Jus’ sayin’.

  22. lol I love how when anyone criticizes LB someone chimes in with “THEN LEAVE!” That was someone’s advice to a comment that said “I hate Waldbaum’s – I do all my shopping at Trader Joe’s and Stop & Shop.” Really? Leave because you hate Waldbaum’s? The fact that Waldbaum’s sucks, notwithstanding.

    LB has a lot of things going for it, but there are ways it can be improved, and I fear that some of the decisions being made and the course that we’re on are going to make living AND moving from here, difficult in the not to distant future.

  23. I’m a renter, and I don’t love the plan. Are renters immune from tax increases in LB? The buck just gets passed from owner to renter.

    You’re right though. Most people could care less and they love the plan. I guess they don’t understand government spending and taxes.

  24. Most renters just blame their “greedy landlord” when their rents go up because of property tax increases. Personally, I think rent should be taxed directly. Maybe then we could break this cycle in LB whereby a majority of voters are renters (legal and illegal rentals) or live in subsidized housing. Long Beach will never be a fiscally responsible municipality so long as a minority of voters pay the full weight of the taxes.

  25. If you wanted a renter to pay for property taxes as opposed to the landlord, you’d want taxes to be based on occupant instead of owner. That’s great, but what happens when a residence (apartment, condo, co-op or traditional free-standing house) is empty? No occupant, no tax payer, no taxes.

    NYC recognizes that there are lots of renters so they make up for it by taxing incoming instead. LB can switch to that, too.

    Most renters blame their “greedy landlord” when taxes go up a 5% but rent goes up 10% and the place look 20% more rundown.

  26. I am a renter and I am not happy with the way this was rushed through. Yes, the boardwalk is a very important part of LB, but so is fiscal prudence. I tend to think lack of experience is a large part of the problem. I am offended by the us against them suggested above. I have made my home here for over 20 years. I shop here, do volunteer work here, and care about this city every bit as much, and in some cases more than any homeowner. We ALL need to become involved.

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