The Superblock [What is going on with the Superblock?]

superblockNothing. There is absolutely nothing going on with the Superblock.

That being said, I was somewhat part of a conversation on Facebook today regarding the superblock; what’s going on with it and what can be done. Well, nothing is being done and there is nothing we can do about that. That is, unless, we pool together a boat load of money and purchase it ourselves. Even then, we will fight over what to do, because everybody has their own opinion on what they’d like to see there.

Which brings me to this: We talked about the superblock and Long Beach in general regarding development (August 2011 – What kind of Long Beach do you want? City vs. Suburbia. FIGHT!). Now, let’s specifically talk about the superblock. So weigh in. You want condos? a hotel? apartments? convention center? Lego Land? Walmart? Peter Lugers (never gonna happen)? An Amusement park? or a parking lot? Tell us what you want. GO!

(A big thanks to those who inspired me to make this post.)

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33 thoughts on “The Superblock [What is going on with the Superblock?]”

  1. An amazing family fun area, local vendors, rides for the little ones, maybe some for the bigger ones, an arcade. I agree with Jessie cafes/restaurants with some living space for families.

  2. low income rentals for families, community gardening spaces, playgrounds for the kids, community style park, vendors, anything that gets people out and involved and promotes stable healthy living

  3. Low income rentals???? Seriously? Gotta love handouts! If you want to live on the beach, and have a low income, they already have a bunch of open places for you. It’s called Far Rockaway! Take Beech St. west, and you will find it.

  4. How about getting real? This is valuable/expensive/vulnerable oceanfront that will o9nly be developed by those who can financially justify development. Low income rentals? How nice. Why? Stable healthy living? Beach, boardwalk, not enough… maybe we grow organic food and distribute it for free.Amazing fun areas? What, the beach, and sandcastles don’t do it? And the $6000+ / year school taxes that deliver top notch opportunities and enrichment along with all the City programs for kis, still not enough? Quaint stores and cafes? Find an investor that can make that work. Amazing indeed. I must be a mean liberal. Anthony, they must have missed your non starter and started… “That is, unless, we pool together a boat load of money and purchase it ourselves. Even then, we will fight over what to do, because everybody has their own opinion on what they’d like to see there.” And it’s more than a boatload and then not even viable if we all get along… reference the Allegria.

  5. They should make it into a public park, but not like the parks we have. Actual trees and green space, maybe a baseball field, maybe with some food vendors. The possibilities are endless.. Our island absolutely needs more green space and less development. They wont do it though because “the kids are going to get drunk there.”

  6. I agree with Peggy, arcade, amusement park area, cafes, and vendors. It would be beneficial for youths and families as well as bring the community together. Also could bring in revenue for the city in summertime because of location and accessibility.

  7. I live directly across from the superblock and something needs to be done with it. The ratty fence and weeds have to go!! I love the link to the Wilmington page. I think it should be a park w playground and a DOG PARK! Also, it would be a perfect spot for small concessions like the new food trucks (which I think is a great idea) There is no need for another strip mall of empty stores!
    The band shell could also be placed there for any events.
    Also, anyone who thinks a park will attract drinkers, too late, they are already there all summer!!

  8. Not sure what you mean. Unless the property owner comments on this blog, none of us have any power to do anything here. of course it’s extremely valuable property that will most likely be developed with nothing, but expensive condos. The point of this blog post is to just dream. Throw some ideas out there and discuss.

  9. E say leave the Super-block as it is, we need some beach front views and space of parking, etc.
    Where are the cars going to park for events, volleyball, and just beach goers?
    Besides there are more than enough vacant apartments in the city, why build more?

  10. I can see your point, the easy solution is to clean it up and make better use of the space, why not charge for parking?
    The one thing that we DON’T need is more empty stores or apartments that are so overpriced they won’t sell or rent.
    The food trucks will only bring more trash to to streets, and more hardship to the restaurant owners who are in bad shape as it is.., I think that’s a very bad idea.

  11. Rezone it for single family homes. Take back Shore road, that you corrupt bastards sold to a developer for $200K, permit retail there as it was in the 1950’s, sell it at market rate to the private sector and get it back on the tax roles.

  12. Oh yea, keep government out.. We don’t want to pay for any more “Section 8, workforce, Senior Advantage, underserved new American,” housing or any other subsidized, devaluing, tax sucking sinkhole in our community.

  13. I also live directly in front of superblock…leave it alone for now. Agree with Yrkiddingme…with all the events & beach goer’s, we really do need the open space for parking. So many residents haven’t even returned home yet & so many businesses are out or struggling…leave the superblock alone for now & focus on getting LB back to LB.

  14. I Witnessed indoor kickball this year at the Bubble by Long Beach BLVD. I think Indoor Beach Volleyball, and possibly indoor Flying Trapeze …Mostly I would like/love an indoor RollerDisco Skating Rink. And then there’s the one element of my essential dream which cries out for a trampoline based dodgeball rink. Or how about a Shellfish hatchery, incorporate some marine science and engage the community on sustaining the environment.
    Check out all of the places that offer this in the summer and you’ll see Trapeze is great in health benefits, and popularity, Same with Beach Volleyball. Hot skates offers Adult Night skating on Thursdays, and it’s A Total Subculture There! I can’t write about it, it wouldn’t do it justice, you MUST See if for yourself to believe that it actually exists. Trampoline Based Dodge ball incorporates gymnastics, with agility, strategy, team work, and an indoor Winter activity that the community can enjoy during the cold seasons when there isn’t really anything else to do! What really is there to do? The rec has ice skating, (It’s alright, but I’m cold, I don’t want to have hot cocoa just so I can sustain skating a while, and I can’t tolerate falling on ice anymore, rollerskating with knee pads is fun safe, and I love grooving with my wheels not less then with my skates..I can even get funkier with wheels I’ve found). I know I was talking about indoor trampoline dodgeball, but the truth is, this barrier island only offers swimming and ice skating.

  15. I checked out the Trapeze setup at Eisenhower Park and it doesn’t take that much room and ocean views are not effected at all. I’d love to see them set up shop at the superblock.

  16. ok so im 17 so here is what i think should be done coming from a child POV. i think they should put an arcade, pizza place, ice cream place burger joint and bowling alley on the boards and then have a grassy open park with lots of trees and flowers. the park should also have a playground and sprikler park (with bathrooms) for little kids. since there is a lot of land they could also put some nice little shops (similar to those seen at the nautical mile in freeport) personally i have ALWAYS wanted an amusement park or aquarium but i think we need to think realistically. building a park would not be too difficult with volunteers who live in LB. lemmmme know what u think ok my idea. thnx 🙂

  17. Love your idea…That’s what I had growing up here in LB and now that is all gone. Keep spreading the word!! There has to be a good compromise there with some parks and fun stuff like Jones Beach has, some quick good eats or boardwalk cafes and then there is plenty of room for more…

  18. And ‘Lets Be Reasonable’, you write like you’re 6.
    It’s “you’re”, not “your”. How’s the view from that glass house?

  19. She said she was 17 and I think that what she is doing is dreaming out loud. I, like Anthony, like the dream. But the silliness of this is the fact that too many of the older commenters refer to that same “they” who should be bringing all these ideas to life as Lea did. “They” (investors, government,power realtors, etc.)might do these nice things were they financially, ecologically, legally viable. That incredible chunk of land next to the ocean, blocks from the LIRR and “main street”, one hour from the heart of NYC hasn’t been developed for some very sound reasons that we don’t like to think about. Eddie may have the best idea for making change happen.

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