Newsday spells out some Food Truck details [Shoregasboard]


(Photo taken from PROJECT 11561. Photographer is Christina Tisi-Kramer. I didn’t ask, but I’m sure they don’t mind that I used it.) 

Read Newsday for all the juicy details: (April 29th – Long Beach food trucks are unfair competition, some restaurants say).

  • Eight Food Trucks, two of them will be rotating vendors.  
  • All stationed at Riverside Blvd and will called “The Shoregasboard.” Yes, that’s not a typo.
  • May 23rd to Sept. 2nd as a trial program.
  • $4000 per truck paid to city to operate.
  • “The food truck concept emerged from conversations between city leaders and local restaurateurs…”
  • The above statement isn’t necessarily true. As the City Manager recently told me, the food truck conversation started on this blog. You guys deserve the credit (read –

So there you have it. You wanted food trucks, you got food trucks. I was all gung-ho for these trucks all along, but I do feel bad for those barely making it and can’t afford a truck. (read – Food Trucks by the beach. Could they lead to more vacant storefronts?). I still love this food truck idea, but I hope and wish the city does something to remind beachgoers about the other businesses in town. Sugo and Swingbellys are two of my favorite local places, so I am completely happy for them and wish them nothing, but success with this new endeavor. I’ll definitely be at the shoregasboard this summer eating their delicious products. Mmmmmm Pork.

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3 thoughts on “Newsday spells out some Food Truck details [Shoregasboard]”

  1. Just keep these Monstrosities on that ONE street!
    We don’t need anymore crapola on the streets, or on the Boardwalk that’s going to mess up the City. And trust me this WILL!

  2. Food trucks are a great idea! However, 8 in one locale is recipe for disaster! How can they all turn a profit on a slow day?? Have a couple on Riverside and a couple more at end of boardwalk.

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