Dougie O’Grady’s Raise the ROOF Party – Help us help people rebuild their homes

After Superstorm Sandy, Douglas O’Grady rallied people to clean out and gut approximately 175-200 houses out of the goodness of his own heart asking nothing in return. Now Dougie is looking to help bring people home.

To aid his efforts Dougie has created The Mohawk Avenue Saint Foundation, a non-profit organization that will give grants to Long Beach and Island Park residents as they rebuild. Grants will cover things like plumbing, electric and HVAC. Offsetting the costs of these items will help make it much easier for people to turn their destroyed houses back into homes.

The “Raise the Roof” fundraiser is the beginning of this process. Dougie’s work is far from over. This is our chance to give him what he needs to keep going. It’s also an opportunity to celebrate Dougies accomplishments and the incredible way our community has come together since Sandy.

And… if all that wasn’t enough, It’s also going to be the biggest party of the year. We’ve got tremendous raffles, Jahstix and Mystic will provide the musical entertainment, and comedian Jon Pizzi will play the role of mc and provide the comic relief.

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