Long Beach Hotel [Jackson Updates]


longbeachhotelI received a few emails this past week concerning the Jackson By The Beach..uhh excuse me… I mean Long Beach Hotel over at 405 E. Broadway. One resident tells me how he went to the building department and learned that the building has been grandfathered in as a hotel since 1927 and is not required to have a parking lot/plan. Apparently the building department doesn’t know how the new hotel will deal with the inevitable parking problem. Also, apparently the Long Beach Hotel has all the permits to finish everything they want to do.

Another resident rells me this:

“There has been a lot of activity lately. New garage-type roll up doors were put in in front of what looks like their new bar area.  Fancy booths look like they are peeking out of the windows.  A new blue awning was also installed today.  And, lastly, somebody they know interviewed for a bartending job.

So this place is actually moving forward. If anybody has any additional info, let us know!

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5 thoughts on “Long Beach Hotel [Jackson Updates]”

  1. Lets hope that they don’t put up cones to reserve parking spaces for their guests as another place does.

  2. A parking lot has been paved on the south side of Broadway between Lincoln and Monroe, which I haven’t seen used so far. Is it possible that it belongs to the hotel? If so it isn’t big, but it is a start.

  3. There are 2 empty parking lots on Shore between Lincoln and Monroe. One recently partitioned off (pre-Sandy) and only partially used. The one on the other side on Broadway was a grass field prior to Sandy. These are all owned by the Haberman’s. I do wonder if the hotel will be renting these out.

  4. A neighbor of mine stopped in there on Monday mid day said he was told by mgt.that the bar and rest will be open for Memorial day weekend No further info at this point

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