Rumor Update: Ciao Baby coming to Grillfire and NOT Tuscan Grill.

ciaobabyThe other day I tweeted how Ciao Baby was coming to Nick’s Tuscan Grill (40 E Park Ave). Well, it seems like it’s actually Grillfire (152 West Park Avenue). Don’t we all get those two confused? (I miss Coastal Grill.)

What is Ciao baby? Well, it’s Italian food. I’ve been to their short-lived Carle Place location a while back and I thought the food was really good. I am convinced the chef who comes up with their menu is from the Naples-region of Italy, because a lot of the dishes remind me of what my family cooks. THEY HAVE ICEBOX CAKE!! At least the Carle Place location did. I can’t speak for their other locations in Commack and MAssapequa.

The Long Beach Italian restaurant market is already over-saturated with lots of great places (Villiagio and Serata South being the two newer places), so competition is going to be tough. I wish Ciao Baby lots of luck and welcome to Long Beach. Read more about Ciao Baby here: (Of course, none of this has been officially confirmed, so take this with a grain of grated parmesan.)

UPDATE: original title was wrong. See? I always got those two confused…..

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3 thoughts on “Rumor Update: Ciao Baby coming to Grillfire and NOT Tuscan Grill.”

  1. I always found that this franchise compensates for their lack of food quality with an overabundance of food served. I remember going to the Massapequa location years ago with my gf and parents and we had to take a picture of the plate because there was so much food on it.

    I, too, miss Coastal (and Green Cactus).

  2. I passed the old Grillfire on my way home yesterday and noticed there is a hearing notice in the window for a bar called Bricks by the Beach…not sure if this is for the whole space or just the former bar area…

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