Surf Beaches for Summer 2013

Two residents weigh in on what they think about this summer’s proposed surfing schedule (which I can’t seem to find anywhere):

Resident #1: The proposed surf schedule being voted on tomorrow night [May 7th] at city council seems to be unbalanced and excessive. The westholme area residents will be displaced and crowded. A beach like Lindell will be closed for surfing only all hours all days all week every other week. Same goes for Washington laurelton and Lafayette. Last year Lindell was surfing everyday till 11 and we made that work but this seems excessive.

Resident #2: Hoping that you could help spread some news for me. I just got a letter in my door that says they are planning to make magnolia, Laurelton, Lafayette and Washington beaches surfing beaches every other week. I think every other week is a little much and I am sure that others will to.

I haven’t really been following this, so no comment from me.. just yet. I am curious to see what you guys think.

UPDATE: Long Beach Surfer’s Association posted a FAQ on this summer’s surf schedule: 


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6 thoughts on “Surf Beaches for Summer 2013”

  1. I am all for surfing on Lincoln it’s been that way for a long time,what bothers me is the Jackson Hotel opening this summer with NO off street parking .I honestly think the city will have their hands full with really irate residents looking for spots near their homes and having to compete with valet parking looking for spots for 100 or so guests then add the cars from out of town looking for spots so they can surf,
    I really hope someone takes a good look at this

  2. These surfers sure know how to spin the truth… Last year, Magnolia may have been reserved on more days but most were the morning hours ONLY. This year, about 40% of the entire summer (Full Days) are reserved for surfers. Should any beach have to accept 40% loss of access for swimming?

  3. Please try for every other week on Lindell, grand, Washington because those of us who walk to the beach, it’s to much with chairs, coolers, boogie boards…thank you!

  4. I hope that there can be some kind of compromise. Surfing until 12 and then it opens up to everyone? I think that is reasonable. I also wish that people knew about this earlier. The day of, or the day before the city council meeting isn’t right. I would love to know who thought it would be a good idea to do this to 2 of the most crowded family beaches. It seems to me that everything in LB is a fight or a problem.

  5. Janice’s comprise makes sense, I live on Arizona, I’m tired of sitting on the beach all day to watch 3 maybe 4 surfers. We all know surfing is usually a morning sport, so the reopening al the beach at noon would benefit all, especially on the weekends when everyone wants to enjoy the beach.
    I suggest emailing the city council president Fran Adelson, let her know your feelings, since she is the one who released the new schedule at this late date..

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