Restaurant / Store Updates [Wurst Edition Ever!]

  • Currywurst will be taking over the former Pita Grill spot @ 10 W Park Ave. Take out your Hungarian party hats because it will be a sausage fest galore: I’m actually glad to see something different opening up. We need more variety around here.
  • Ciao Baby will be taking over Grillfire (152 West Park Avenue). Yes, it’s still in the rumor category, but it appears to be a done deal. And heck, it’s my blog so I get to write about whatever is on my mind.
  • As posted in the April 2013 commentsPheobe’s boutique is virtually open online and is offering one on one private shopping experience for those that still want Pheobe’s…..Just a call or text to come over and check it out 917-402-4729 or visit
  • Also posted in the April 2013 commentsPinup Clothing is alive, well, loaded with great new clothing & temporarily located in the walks (at the owner’s house) until right timing and location happens (in Long Beach, of course!). Call 516-431-1565 for exact location.
  • Jetty Bar & Grill is at the former Bahia Social Club spot. Vist them on facebook or just go to the actual place @  832 W. Beech Street, Long Beach, NY.
  • Swingbellys BBQ is rebuilding.
  • It looks like all three Long Beach surf shops are open for business: LB Surf, unsOund & Maritime Surf. Go to all three and spend money.
  • In Point Lookout, Skipperdee’s Ice Cream Shop re-opened. You can read all about that here.
  • Is a restaurant and bar coming soon to the Long Beach Hotel By The Sea? One would assume so, but don’t assume or you will make an ass out of u and me (joke credit: Felix Unger). Only time will tell, but alcohol makes money, so I am going to assume yes. Visit (Thanks Jo for posting that link!).

I know I’m missing a lot, but this is all off the top of my head. Let us know what else. For those who missed the Restaurant / Store Updates [April 2013 Edition] that I posted April 23rd, 2013, here you go:

  • Cuban Crocodile (26 E. Park Avenue) closed due to “issues with their landlord.” They did post on their Facebook page: “Taking a little vacation and we will rebuild somewhere else … It’s been a long 6 months.” I wish them luck and hope to see them back in LB soon.
  • The Bungalow (669 E. Park Avenue), which is a great little place in the east end, is opening up Bungalow West at the former-Jake’s Wayback Burger location (945 W. Beech Street). The Bungalow has great burgers (better than Jake’s), a juice bar and I just heard they serve great breakfast sandwiches.
  • 7-11 is coming to the West End. You are all against this, but will unwillingly support it. They are taking over the former Bally Bannon spot (969 W. Beech Street).
  • Muscle Maker Grill, whose website says they serve Great food with your health in mind, is coming to Park Avenue. Look for a grand opening this May (
  • The waffles at Gentle Brew Coffee kicks some serious ass. Seriously.
  • It looks like work resumed at NYSC (265 E. Park Avenue). Will it reopen as a NYSC? They still list Long Beach as a location on their website:
  • Still no word on Long Beach Cinemas.
  • Karma’s Angel is taking over the old Sweets For Shore spot.
  • The seasonal, bi-weekly Farmer’s Market starts May 1st. Arts in the Plaza will soon follow.
  • M’s Family Restaurant (4160 Austin Blvd) in Island Park finally has a real sign. Well, that’s a good sign!
  • Walmart Supercenter IS NOT coming to the super block, but Peter Luger is.
  • Do not believe any Long Beach rumor that involves Peter Luger.
  • And the newest business in town is FOOT SPA, for all your foot spa needs. You can spot their giant red sign from a mile away.

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12 thoughts on “Restaurant / Store Updates [Wurst Edition Ever!]”

  1. Wurst episode ever! I’m such a fan of sausage, this is outstandingly amazing!

    Quick query: is it the LA place (your link) or this NY place ( )? I only ask because when I googled Currywurst, the NYC place came up first and I guess geographically it makes more sense, but maybe the LA place is looking for a east coast post.

  2. Any new info on the movie theatre? Driving by there everyday is such a sad reminder of Sandy-

    But happy to see progress at McDonalds!

  3. I have been calling their Corporate Office at least once a month since December. They keep telling me they will be open next month, next month and then next month…obviously lies, lies & lies. I occasionally see some work being done on the inside but still nothing-from-nothing. As a member of 10-years, pissed!!!!

  4. Hi there, we are thrilled to read about our Currywurst. Our Website will be We are working on the website – right now there is not much to see there. Nothing at all to be honest. Our Facebook Page is:
    We are also working on a Veggie Version of our Wurst – just to keep the Cardiologist and the Cholesterol in Check..,
    Hope to see you at 10 W Park once we are open. Thanks.

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