According to posters on the LB Patch, Seabythecity is indeed biased:

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Dear Human Race,


Well, it’s funny because I am seabythecity. I am also registered independent and don’t fall for that republican / democrat labeling because it’s LAME. But the reason why seabythecity is indeed biased is maybe because it’s a blog. You know, A BLOG! a blog. A blog. a Blog. A blag. A Blog. a bLog. a blOg. A blOg. A blog. A blog. a bloG. A blogA blog. A-blog. “A blog.” Ayy, Blog! A blogue. A bløg. å Blog. Á blóg, A blob? Un Blog. Ay bloga (with an Italian accent). A blog.


A blog (a portmanteau of the term web log)[1] is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first).

…Many blogs provide commentary on a particular subject; others function as more personal online diaries (Source – wikipedia)


Hey, look, It says “Unofficial Blog of Long Beach” on the top of this page! There are no local ads on this blog at all. AKA: Nobody is directly paying me money to post this stuff. This is my diary. My opinions. My hobby. My personal feelings about all things Long Beach. Of course I am biased.


Abe Log.

PS, I did kinda report in that article, only I never even saw that damn brochure.

(Thank you Pete Donahue for the image photoshop above. I am so grateful!)

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  1. What do Mary Lombardi, Bobby, Margaret, Jared Enzley, Long Beach Shawn and Craig Fitzgerald all have in common? They were on the just for men box, teach in hewlette, suffer from a mental illness and have a wife named bonnie

  2. Anthony, please do not explain.
    he is not interested in any kind of facty-truthy stuff, especially as pertains to himself.
    By pointing out Mr H’s hypocrisy, in the form of HIS double standard, you have proven HIS BIAS.
    His Bias is not really so veiled since every writing of his pertains to how one political party (not his) is bad.
    I dont usually take sides, but here I join you, with the highest of bias against blatant hypocrisy and bias like this! keep up the good work.
    i think he’s just jealous of your award, anyway.

  3. I can’t take anything Jimmy says all that seriously, but that’s mainly my own fault I guess.

    I can’t help but think of that Seinfeld episode with “Jimmy” and just imagine him saying everything in the third-person;
    “Jimmy’s gonna write a new blog entry today!”
    “Jimmy’s exposing some Long Beach corruption!”
    “Hands off Jimmy! Don’t touch Jimmy!!”

  4. “Jimmy’s going to instill paranoia into the already traumatized community of LB for Jimmy’s own demented kicks.” – this is really a Hoot.

  5. Hennessy is a known political animal and of course writes from a particular perspective. So why the shock? But much of what he says is accurate if not a bit over the edge and tinged with animus. His party appears pure as snow. So take it for what it is and pick out the truths from the propaganda and party line stuff. Time for a third party.

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