[UPDATED] Dear Mr. Hennessy, Everything doesn’t have to be a conspiracy!

LB Patch blogger Jim Hennessy just wrote an article called “Councilmember Eileen Googin Uses Taxpayer’s to Fund Her Political Career.” That title basically explains the gist of what Mr. Hennessy is trying to say. Now, I have no idea if he is right or not; I’ve been trying to stay away from the politics in this town, so I’m barely paying attention these days (we also have a lot of other things to worry about, like getting people back in their homes and businesses). But Mr. Hennessy, with all due respect, using taxpayers money to allegedly fund campaigns has been done before:

Read: Election 2011 – The LB CityBeat (A Republican Campaign on your Dime?) Edition

I use the word “allegedly,” but I truly believe what I wrote is true and nobody can take that opinion away from me.

If City Councilwoman Goggin’s brochure came out next October, I’d possibly agree with Mr. Hennessy, but it’s May and elections are still six months away. Nobody is going to remember this brochure come November. The multiple-LB City Beats, on the other hand, were mailed conveniently before last election: October 7th, 2011 (article A) (article B) & November 2nd, 2011 (article). Election was November 8th, 2011.

UPDATE: The only reason why I wrote this blog post is because in my previously mentioned article, a person named Jim Hennessy wrote “Everything doesn’t have to be a conspiracy!” Assuming it’s the same Jim Hennessy, I’m just defending what I wrote and want to apply that same exact comment to Hennessy’s article on Eileen Googin: Everything doesn’t have to be a conspiracy.

(Thanks John for posting SeabytheCity’s link in the comments of the Patch article)

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15 thoughts on “[UPDATED] Dear Mr. Hennessy, Everything doesn’t have to be a conspiracy!”

  1. Of course its politics, why would a simple notice like this need to even have the name of a specific councilperson on it, if it was just a non-political information letter about the program? Watch for Mandel now to take credit for the LIPA payments for electrical hookups for raised homes – even though it was clearly engineered at the State level using Federal Sandy relief funds. Mandel likely sent and publicized his sending of the letter to LIPA last week, because he knew this decision was coming down within a few days and wanted to be seen as being responsible for it.

  2. Dear Current Administration,
    While YOU have raised our taxes i think it has been 3 times this year, since we have lost our homes, our memories, and our personal possessions, and as we are still rebuilding not only what we lost but our life savings back up since we had to use it ALL to repair our homes- HOW on EARTH do you have the nerve to send out a brochure WITH MY RAISED TAXES to promote your own political campaign?! You people have some nerve and after everything I have seen, I AM DONE with you all. It makes me sick. Instead of using my tax money to boost your political careers, start putting it towards the people in this community who voted you in. We dont need your flyers and frankly, you just lost my vote 6 omnths before this election even happens.

  3. I can’t tolerate Mr. Hennesy’s obsessive whining. He doesn’t go to council meetings and speak up like the rest of us honest LB’ers do. He describes paranoia for the sole purpose of watering fear into an already traumatized community.

  4. Not sure what to believe anymore, but perhaps there is something to this conspiracy. Here is one thing that is being kicked around:

    1) Dems aim to re-elect Judge Tepper to a ten year term, yet he must step down after a year due to him reaching mandatory retirement age

    2) The goal would be to appoint Goggin as his replacement to fill the remaining nine years . Goggin will be appointed by the Democrats to fill the remaining nine years (i.e. without having to be re-elected by the people)

    3) This is why Ted Hommel, who declared candidacy for the Judgeship on the Republican line, was let go by the city so suddenly (he was not being a “team player” by doing so)

    Perhaps the mailer was an attempt to prop her up/raise her profile.

    Again, there is no proof here, but it does not seem to be too far-fetched, especially in LB.

  5. Fine, don’t tolerate it and make your comment. I see him as utterly, blindly partisan. But to suggest he tolerate the song and dance called a City Council meeting… you keep on doing that. He, while I disagree with most of his analyses, is being far more vital as an active citizen than you with your “honest LBer” offerings at the show.

  6. I like to take my time at making such important decisions. Can you post up that glossy mailer where the Coalition peeps were holding shovels while digging up their usual bullshit?

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