New Spill in Reynolds Channel. We need your support!

To supporters of our waterways and our environment,

Late Thursday night three million gallons of partially treated sewage flowed into Reynolds Channel. Reynolds Channel, our ecosystem and wildlife are dying and cannot take more polluting. Super Storm Sandy destroyed the already limping Bay Park Sewer Treatment Plant. The Federal Government and the New York State allocated funding to upgrade the facility. We need to start demanding those funds and oversight.

Ed Mangano is holding a press conference tomorrow at 1pm at the Bay Park Sewer Treatment Plant. End of 5th Street, East Rockaway, NY 11558.

Lets tell our elected officials we want the funding, results and accountability. Don’t let the middle of the day stop you from attending this press conference and supporting Reynolds Channel. Our health and safety is being compromised.


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3 thoughts on “New Spill in Reynolds Channel. We need your support!”

  1. I think all the politicians should be compelled to swim from the plant to LB .
    The surfers are in this muck all the time. Normal beachgoers have to worry about it every time they enter the water. Fishermen have to come in contact with it. Boaters have to contend with it. One of the main reasons we all live here is the water— ocean and bay. There’s a lot of squabbling among all of the above but we all have the love of the water in common. If not we could all move to Ohio or some such place.

  2. “The surfers are in this muck all the time. Normal beachgoers have to worry about it every time they enter the water.” Ridiculous overstatement unless you surf and swim in Reynolds Channel after one of these incidents or a heavy rain or you are referring to the 1970-90 period. Yes, the Bay Park plant is way past due for upgrades and repairs and the monies from FED and State sources have been allocated for what WON’T be a quick or easy fix. 1.3 million people in Nassau County flushing and using water 24/7… the numbers have been rising since the baby boom and here we are… “Thank you Ed Mangano (or any other politician) for not raising my taxes” but let’s not address the costly issues facing this extremely densely populated island… until the stuff that floats back at us. Pipe it to the ocean? Can’t wait to hear that debate.

  3. Went to the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Press Conference.. For those who missed the press conference at the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Facility plant yesterday, here is my rebuttal to the proposal which supports ZERO Bio-ethical organization:
    As you’re aware: Shellfish ecosystems thrived in our bodies of water for hundreds of years, once we began overfishing them three hundred years ago, and started using lead based paints on our ship’s hulls, simultaneously with polluting into our water systems, the oyster reefs, clam beds, mussel and scallop cultures diminished, and so did the bay’s natural ability to filter out the algae’s which promote Brown and Red Algae Blooms.
    Today, we have Dept. of Waterways investing in man built oyster reefs in Reynold’s Channel, but the investment is limited, and so is the natural organic nitrogen nutrients which shellfish rely on. We need Compost Tea to replace synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides to apply to our grounds and support the living organisms who can’t speak up at a news press conference! If you remove the outflow pipe from Reynold’s Channel you will no longer sustain the oyster reef Population! That will dovetail in less food for larger fish, and birds, and the eco-system will continue to spiral to abysmally low cultures without proper nutrients. Let’s also not forgot about the $40 Million being invested into the Nassau County, Long Beach Boardwalk. Today All of suffolk Counties’ Sewage is piped out into the ocean in an effort to bypass the moriches bay in Happauge, Patchouge, etc… What you have is a seasonal BROWN ALGAE & Red Algae Bloom which is hazardous to the environment, not to mention to recreational swimmers, surfers etc. Bio-ethics are Crucial Harvey! If you don’t refuse to bio-ethically Promote our human supported Filtrating shellfish populations with more oyster seed, compost tea, You will have BEACH CLOSINGS THROUGHOUT THE BUSIEST TIMES OF BEACH SEASONS IN PLO, LIDO, ISLAND PARK, EAST ROCKAWAY, FIVE TOWNS, LONG BEACH, ATLANTIC BEACH. Not to mention the brown and red algae tides will severely eutrify(Compromise) the waterways environments for any chance of any resurgent fish eco-system. As we go on with our lives, there are ecosystems that are breathing and living in cyclical patterns amidst the impacts we force them to incur. There is no investment by Mangano or anyone who spoke at the press conference to support/assist the Bay’s natural filtration element.

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