Watch local actor “The Long Beach Bridge” in NBC’s The Blacklist [TRAILER]

James Spader and the handsome Long Beach Bridge star in NBC’s The Blacklist, a new criminal drama that’s coming this fall to a TV near you. Yes, I am talking about that show that temporarily closed off northbound-bridge traffic last March for a day for filming (read – Fire, Smoke, Actors Rappelling off the Long Beach Bridge, Gunshots, a Car Collision & James Spader).

The trailer is now available. It’s a lengthy 4 minutes, but you do get to see local, handsome actor The Long Beach Bridge for a mere two seconds (depending how fast your eyesight is).

View the trailer here:

The actual bridge scene starts at around the 01:50 mark. Below are some screenshots for the slow-eyed and lazy. When asked about the trailer, the local, handsome, debonair actor Long Beach Bridge said, “no autographs, please.”

Thank you to our friends at Long Beach, NY Hurricane Information for the link!


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  1. Local, handsome, debonair actor Long Beach Bridge is inexplicably trying to distance himself from his official name, Michael Valente Memorial Long Beach Bridge. I bet he’s lying about his age, too.

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