I just walked passed The Hotel Formerly Known As Jackson and couldn’t believe how nice the inside looked!

I walked passed the Long Beach Hotel this morning and was greeted by music blasting out of their new open bar area. LIFE! There was actually SOME LIFE coming out of this place!!! My photos below don’t do it any justice, but it actually looked really nice. Seriously! Pass by and look for yourself before you judge.

I have no idea when it will officially open, and I’m sure there will be complaints about parking along with a few “lipstick on pig” jokes, but I have to say, I am impressed. It’s a far cry from my photo journey back in August 2011 (see-Inside the Jackson Hotel: A Photographic Journey).

Of course, there are always questions:

  1. Will that yellow corner ‘Jackson’ sign (photo below) come down and/or be replaced with a new Long Beach Motel sign?
  2. Can this hotel be a viable alternative to the Allegra?
  3. Is there enough demand for two hotels in Long Beach in this day in age?

Improvements: Yeah, the outside still could use a makeover. A few flowery shrubs and nice landscaping will help. I know windows are so expensive, but I bet white frames would make this building look so much better; it’s just seems so dark. Those are just my opinions, but I do wish this place lots of luck. I am glad seeing another building that was vacant for so long, actually come back to life.

Visit: longbeachhotelny.com

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21 thoughts on “I just walked passed The Hotel Formerly Known As Jackson and couldn’t believe how nice the inside looked!”

  1. Reminds me of the Long Beach Hospital. I noticed the other day that all of the window a/c units look brand new as well.

    I still think this place looks sketchy though.

  2. This will be section8 within 6 months after they realize there is no way to pay the bills to run the place at those rates, especially once the off season begins and occupancy falls off. This is exactly what happened to LB in the 70s, same formula, those who lived here during that time know exactly what I mean.

  3. Sam there is massive difference between new york of the 70s and today. Shit, the whole country in the 70s compare to today. Thinking LB would revert back to “LB of the 70s” because of a hotel renovating and opening under new ownership is ridiculous.

    What next – Obama telling us to drop dead?

  4. I don’t think it will last more than this coming summer either .I know there are going to be many ticked off local residents when hotel customers are taking up the very few parking spots, the hotel has NO.OFF STREET PARKING {NONE} I honestly think the LBPD are going to have their hands full I hope it does not get out of hand

  5. Allison- do you gave a car? A parking space? Have you driven around for an extended period of time ending up blocks away from you’re house. Do you plan your weekends so you don’t have to move the car until Monday? These are legitimate concerns. LB and it’s hotels were built many years ago whEn people arrived by train. I don’t have the answer but people are inconvenienced by the lack of parking in LB.

  6. I’m not a fat ass who needs to drive to the market for my ding dongs nor am i arrogant enough to think i should be afforded front row parking to my house that is located in the 25th densest city in the country. why do you feel that you are entitled to park for free around town and in front of your house? If you do not have a driveway then buy a parking spot. I’ll sell you a space in my driveway.

  7. Hamburger- I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings or Lancers or Keiths eithe I thought we were just making some sense and a little ribbing and we got locked down. I don’t know about them serving hamburgers there but I have heard they are going to be doing 52 kinds of hot dogs. One for each week of the year.also a big hot dog eating contest on Labor Day. Start practicing.

  8. Allison, I think you are forgeting the fact that this hotel has the benefit of a grandfathered status based on zoning that was in place decades ago before the level of development that would have made it near impossible to open if it had to adhere to today’s zoning requirements. Your “entitlement” claim is a bit unfair in that those neighbors of the hotel would in fact be entitled, by today’s zoning requirements, for more off street parking. Zoning laws are created to protect and enhance neighborhoods. These neighbors are stuck with an unusual situation that can be very detrimental to their quality of life. As Beachguy said, not everyone is as fit and young and dazzlingly hip as you (who refer to your neighbors as fat asses).Please do share however how you manage to be so unencumbered by a sense of entitlement(you must not be from LI) and how you manage to be so much better than those of us who suffer under the impression that we require some protection from the governments we create.
    Beachguy, as I said on that other thread, thanks and have a great summer. No feelings hurt though I did think Hamburger was out of line until he went to figuratively. I do thank Anthony for being aware of those skegging remarks and speaking up.

  9. LB was populated many, many years ago before the time when virtually every person owns a car. West End was a summer beach community with many narrow streets. Then they allowed the erection of all those apartment houses in the East End many of which have inadequate parking. So over the years parking has become a big problem for many people in certain areas especially near the beach in the good weather. I’m surprised that someone ,who I assume lives in LB, either doesn’t recognize the problem or minimizes it.
    Lancer- I think you and Hamburger should give Allison surfing lessons. But make it early since she may not be able to park if it’s later in the day.

  10. Allison/Box…..you may or may not have a valid point, but your rudeness is unnecessary. I am old enough to be your grand parent and have a heart condition. Parking is a big issue for me. Have some empathy for other people.

  11. I stopped by for a beer yesterday. I met Erica the proprietor who was very enthusiastic about the hotel, its restaurant(which they will try to have open by this weekend) and the relationship she would like to foster with her Lincoln neighbors whose concerns she understands. As a neighbor, I was impressed that she was talking about her comittment to finding an off street parking lot for the business and the fact that she talked about how important it was to her to run an establishment that her neighbors would be happy with including good security and an awareness of noise and tone coming from the very pleasant bar area in front. She took me on a small tour and having known what it used to look like inside, I was impressed. Very clean, not over the top fancy or trendy, just a real good renovation. The beer was cold, the breeze was nice, the people were coming into the bar area and enjoying the scene. I hope this works out for everybody. I hope they can pull it off with the neighborhood not negatively impacted.

  12. Hope you’re right
    Lancer. It’s a step up from what was there before and it sounds as if the owners are going to try to be good neighbors. Time will tell.

  13. I live in the city. I come to Long Beach several times a month (during all seasons). I take the train. I happily spend money at your neighborhood stores, bars and restaurants because I know I’m supporting your community and local business owners. I’m excited for an overnight option.
    Give it a chance guys… we’re not all out to take your parking spaces.

  14. Anthony ! have you gotten any info about parking for the long beach hotel [aka the Jackson] went to city hall again ,got the same run around as the last time.Traffic Dept says it knows nothing that the Hiway dept takes care of that <I went to hiway,they asked me why the JERKS in traffic sent me to them when the the traffic dept is in charge thanks….. ED

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