Magnolia Playground Rebuild (LiveTweets)

For those who don’t follow SeaByTheCity on twitter, I live tweeted a boatload of Magnolia Playground rebuild photos today. The new playground looks amazing, but it won’t officially be open until after May 28th when the floor is put in place. And please, I know it’s tempting, but please don’t play on anything yet at all… the cement needs to dry!!

Holy crap, I am tired. I will write more about this experience another time. In the meantime, check out my twitter for some pics. Better photos will be posted by some wonderful photographers on the Magnolia Playground Facebook page.

A biiiiiig thank you to KaBOOM, Allison, Cliff, Surf 4 All, all the volunteers, The City of Long Beach and most of all, Jet Blue for making this happen! I plan on flying Jet Blue every single time now. Why not? They have TVs, leather seats, tastier snacks and more leg room than other competing airlines.

Check out the pics:


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