Voting for Budgets and Trustees for the Library and School District [Tuesday, May 21st]


I am not going to be biased, so no mention of who I’m actually voting for will written here. I just want to remind you that this Tuesday you get to vote for the School Board Trustee. The candidates are Incumbent Roy Lester, Matthew Adler, Jes Bellsey and the impressive Elizabeth Treston. Read about them here: LB Herald – School board candidates square off.

Also running is Alan Greenberg and Diane Parr for the Library Board. Go out and vote!

Here is what you need to know (sample ballot is posted below):

Voting for Budgets and Trustees for the Library and School District

When: Tuesday, May 21 from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Where: The Polling places are the following sites:

West and Atlantic Beach residents vote at Lindell School (previously at West School) Lindell School – 601 Lindell Boulevard School Election District No. 3 – 225 West Park Avenue, (Recreation Room) North Park residents vote at 225 West Park Avenue (previously at MLK Center) Temple Emanuel – 455 Neptune Boulevard

East School – 456 Neptune Boulevard Lido School – 239 Lido Boulevard Point Lookout Firehouse, Hewlett Avenue, Point LookoutVoting for Budgets and Trustees for the Library and School District




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7 thoughts on “Voting for Budgets and Trustees for the Library and School District [Tuesday, May 21st]”

  1. Liz Treston “impressive”? Guess you were not at the candidate forum. All she did was agree with Roy Lester. She said nothing original.

  2. None of the school board candidates even discuss the fundamental issue – enrollment is down over the last several years, staffing and costs are up, there is apparently a not insignificant number of students attending who do not live in the district – nothing is done about that, for obvious reasons. The taxpayer has no voice amongst any of them, and I understand why since so few taxpayers actually bother to vote in this election – most of the voters are people who have direct interest in the school budget, as employees and parents, so it always passes.

  3. Sorry to say you seem to have hit the nail on the head Sam. But TILB. Where is the outrage? Why can’t the non residents be identified and rooted out? Why can’t someone stand up to the entrenched interests?

  4. I know Liz. I like her. I trust her. I respect her. She is very involved with Long Beach – she basically knows everything that’s going on here. Even though the budget is important to her, she doesn’t just use that typical stance as a way to win votes. She brings up the idea of better communication between all. I like that. Communication is so important to everything in life. That’s just my opinion. I am sure the other three candidates are all good, but like Liz.

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