Is the “LB Welcomes You” sign lost, stolen, being repaired or replaced?

I only saw the sign that was near Maple Blvd to be missing. I can’t speak for the other two (West End & Michael Valente Bridge). I tweeted this earlier, but now I’m excited. UPDATE: I’m hearing the signs are getting fix, which is indeed great news.


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5 thoughts on “Is the “LB Welcomes You” sign lost, stolen, being repaired or replaced?”

  1. Thanks to head of public works the city is finally getting new signs! Love that this administration is beautifying Long Beach! From all the new plantings, Magnolia Park,a environmental development team, and new artwork coming into the city. The best part is they are doing all this with grants and donations!

  2. Allison, how do you know this is ALL being done with grants and donations? I see a LOT happening, which is great, but no one is saying how it’s being paid for.

  3. I couldn’t agree more! Attention to things like freshly painted signs, plantings, new playgrounds, colorful art installations is crucial to the recovery process. It shows potential businesses and homebuyers that this city believes in itself and is a good place to live and succeed. Kudos to Jim LaCarrubba, the Comeback Crew, Project 11561 and all the residents and volunteers who have pitched in to make this happen.

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