I Want Modular Beach Pavilions (And I Want Them Now).

ModularBeachPavilions2Me thinks there will be no more permanent bathroom structures on the beach ever again. Nope. And most likely no more lifeguard station as well. The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) will most likely not allow it. The way I see it, we have only two options: Rebuild those structures on the boardwalk or have temporary ones on the beach.

A reader named Elizabeth just forward me a few articles which showcase an awesome idea: Modular Beach Pavilions! According to tech- blog Gizmodo.com, Coney Island and Rockaway Beach will be getting these pavilions asap.

[quote]N.Y. beaches will feature modular pavilions that withstand storms
Modular beach pavilions are set to become part of the beach scenery in New York after Hurricane Sandy destroyed the ones at Coney Island, Rockaway Beach and other areas. The 37 structures, made from galvanized steel frames on top of concrete stilts — required by FEMA standards — will be “finished with high-grade stainless steel and reinforced concrete” to withstand storms. The pavilions, to be used as offices, lifeguard stations and restooms, are equipped with solar-paneled roofs and a type of double-wall construction to reduce energy consumption. Gizmodo Australia (5/18), Architizer.com (5/15)

Each unit will sit on concrete stilts, which raise the rooms off the ground to meet FEMA’s storm standards, and they’re accessed by stairs and ramps from the boardwalk.


They are not necessarily permanent, right? It’s that loophole where as long as they can be removed – kinda like installing a wooden porch  in your backyard. I would LOVE to see these on our beach for a lifeguard station, bathrooms, ticket booths and who knows, maybe concessions!


UPDATE: While I do agree these don’t aesthetically fit Long Beach, I do love the concept of modular pavilions. I just hope we don’t end up with the same old ugly boxes with no character or personality that we had before. Jessie in the comments posted the following link, which is pretty awesome and would look great here: http://en.beach-trotters.com/modular-structures-wc-details-p-huelva-modular-units-t-423



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16 thoughts on “I Want Modular Beach Pavilions (And I Want Them Now).”

  1. Probably another $44 million… billed to FEMA, paid by us.

    Anyway, they don’t really fit aesthetically… and at that height, the bathrooms would be higher than the boardwalk, obstructing the view. And I think I see plumbing going in already or at least being prepared, including big industrial pumps. If not for bathrooms, not sure what they are for.

  2. The design is controversial for many rock residents who do not like them. Personally, I like a lot of Garrisons designs and think these are superb however knowing the selfish people who live in long beach who feel entitled to owning all views of the ocean I think they could face even greater backlash than they have in parts of Rockaway.

  3. yeah they don’t fit aesthetically at all. These were designed for NYC beaches, so of course they would never come to long beach, but I think I’m just excited by the concept of modular pavilions. I just hope we don’t end up with the same old ugly boxes with no character or personality.

  4. Alison, what’s with the anger lately! You can’t stand people who want easy parking and nice views. I’m entitled to neither, but think Long Beach would benefit from both! And in terms of a view, I think people on the boardwalk should have a view of the ocean, not a bathroom.

  5. I refuse to let you have easy parking. Parking should never be easy or else there is a real problem. Think about how much surface you would require to have easy parking. It’s already subsidized by the government. Our space is limited. Stop driving your car to get ding dongs.

  6. The pumps that you saw this week were buried in the sand to handle the bathrooms trailers that on the beach now. Don’t they look beautiful!!!! Can’t imagine how awful the stench is going to be on a hot summer day.

  7. I work in Rockaway Beach , i’m watching them install these things !!
    I really hope they don’t put these things in Long Beach –they look like TRAILERS on stilts
    They look Horrible !!!! Go look for yourself–its only a few miles from LB**
    Keep that stuff in Rockaway – its not for LONG BEACH

  8. Allison- im with you! Nobody should ever be allowed to drive their car to get their ding dongs. The nerve! It’s outrageous! I think we should form a committee to go to the ding dong place and take photos of everyone who drove there, then publish the photos. That will serve them right. What about banning easy parking there too. Down with the ding dongs!!

  9. I much prefer the style in Jessie’s link, but if they are elevated they will still be ugly sticking up in the air. Surely there is a middle ground on this. (No pun intended.)

  10. I’ve also stopped looking at the ocean. I get this entitlement mentality every time I look at the waves out my window. Shame on me!!!

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