Shoregasboard [Food Trucks by the Sea]. What did you guys think?

shoregasboard1I went to check out the Shoregasboard over at Riverside Blvd on Memorial Day. Five food trucks were present:

  • Swingbelly’s Cool Kitchen
  • Lido Kosher Deli Express
  • Sugo’s Beach Buns & Bites
  • Long Beach Wellness Cafe (they had grass-fed beef and organic salad)

Sugo provided Bob Marley music while the palm trees set the atmosphere. I was impressed. I definitely felt like I was on vacation and Swingbelly’s was great, as usual. But instead of me yapping away, what did you guys think?

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19 thoughts on “Shoregasboard [Food Trucks by the Sea]. What did you guys think?”

  1. My family enjoyed it and were thrilled to see Palm Trees in LB. Hats off to Alan of Sugo for the trees and the tables! We need things to lift our spirits and this did the job on monday! It felt like we were on vacation two blocks from our house. For whatever reason- it was a feel-good experience.

  2. I’m sure I’ll go back.. but, it didn’t FEEL like it was near the beach or like anywhere I’d want to go except to get a bite and quickly go away. I walked through the super block to get there, which is pretty nasty. And the area itself is surrounded by construction. The truck generators are loud. The area is small. Palm trees and tables, nice touch. Maybe they’ll figure something to give it a different vibe. I really do like this idea.

    I had a lobster roll and fries from Swingbelly’s. They were out of fried pickle chips which was what I really wanted. It was ok. Chunk lobster on toast. Not sure there was anything in the lobster. Portion size was small, but a $7.50 lobster roll is going to be small. The guys in the truck seem friendly. If only they had beer!

    I like the options of Lido Deli, Swingbelly’s and Sugo. Their menus all looked good.

    Is NY Acai in Long Beach? I thought it was just local businesses. Maybe I just haven’t seen it. Not that it matters as I doubt it will last. Niche things don’t seem to work in Long Beach. I saw a someone get an acai bowl. Looked good, but he had no idea what he was eating. He described it as acai fluid or something. I wish them the best, but if they just served ice cream, they’d have the longest line of anyone there.

    The wellness cafe might be ok, but no one seemed too interested.

    By and far it’s better than the junk they have at the fairs.

  3. NY Acai truck is owned by the Beach House. Loved nice addition to LB! My opinion it was put in this location due to the lack of buildings near by. Long Beachers love to complain so my guess they are trying something new and trying not to piss anyone off.

  4. Live across the street & walked-over to check it out. Loved it!! Great vibe with the music & palm trees swaying. Yes, both super-blocks are a mess but you are able to ignore it with the good vibe going on. Totally agree that this is what LB needs…something happy & carefree. Glad to have the trucks here and hoping they do well!!

  5. Seems like we have some mixed opinions about this. I think it’s a good idea, that could be improved so that it’s a true asset. If you want to see what it can be take a drive over to the DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge) area in Brooklyn and see their Smorgasbord area.

    They have about 40 different small booths that offer a wide range of food and beverages. (Zagat’s favorably recommends many of the booths.) The place is a real winner for the neighborhood, creating a pleasant site to visit and eat great food by the waterside, with pleasant music available. They have overcome many of the issues raised above.

    Of course, this only works if it fits into the overall strategy for what Long Beach should be. Do we want a town that is attractive and fun to visitors and residents or, just a quiet town with limited attractions?

  6. To Ed Glister…

    That’s exxxxxxxxxxxxactly what this needed to be like, but people were hell bent on keeping the trucks LB shops only – what we were left with was basically a scaled down version of Long Beach, which brought nothing new to the table (no pun intended) in LB.

    It is understandable why people wanted to keep it that way, but shortsighted I fear. If they expanded the dining options in LB, people would come for that alone, and everyone would benefit, long term.

    But try and get anything new done in LB and you’ll be greeted with a chorus of resounding “no.” It’s amazing this happened at all.

  7. Thanks for the reply. I agree that it would be an attraction, a positive addition for the community and travelers alike. It’s understandable that some wanted to limit this to LB trucks. This was true in Brooklyn as well. But the Brooklyn business owners found that new customers came, benefitting everyone.

    I do, however, have optimism that the customary Long Beach “no” will change to a “yes” on key issues in the future. Many people are making investments in their homes and businesses. That creates a momentum that will generate new thinking and requests/demands for action.

    While there will always be individuals who say “no” I believe we will have a community that says “yes” on key issues. But, we need a LB strategy and plan. The City, and we, need to rally around a plan.

    Maybe the “Sea by the City” will be a forum for ideas and setting priorities. Stay optimistic. It feels a whole lot better!

  8. I would be concerned that too many trucks in one spot would result in low/no profits for all. They do not have the same volume of customers as DUMBO. Unless of course they added a second location for the trucks. I think the number at Riverside is more than enough. Maybe 1 truck that is from out of town that changes on a weekly basis for variety….

  9. I’ll be honest, on the weekend I think we have a volume of customers that rivals DUMBO, with less competition. I think there’s plenty of money to go around.

  10. B, yes, we need to demand quality service, whether from a deli truck by the sea or a Sunday brunch at a hotel. This blog helps identify poor service and highlight great service. All our businesses need to realize that great service equals great profits.

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