Long Beach Low Tide Water Sweep and Beach Cleanup (The Surfers in this town are AWESOME!)

A bunch of amazing surfers (AND YOU) are going to comb our waters to clean up all that crappy Sandy-debris. How freakin’ cool is that? Chains, ropes, bouys & Milk Cartons are needed. Chains should be 10-15 feet in length.

If you want to be involved, contact Surfrider Foundation- Central Long Island Chapter for more information. I will update too, if I hear anything, but the posted flier below says it all:


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17 thoughts on “Long Beach Low Tide Water Sweep and Beach Cleanup (The Surfers in this town are AWESOME!)”

  1. Oh heavens, those terrible surfers, out trying to improve the beach. They are so civic minded, lets make sure we take this opportunity to bash the surfers again. (Thank you to all who participate.)

  2. Just a thought here and I could be wrong. I believe there was a crew of City employees whose job was to repair and maintain the BW and beach entrances. Since there has not been a BW for 7 months what has happened to these people? Have they been kept on the payroll? If so, what have they been doing? Same with a lot of the Recreatipn Dept. People.
    My point is that if these people are getting paid and have deminished duties why are a bunch of citizen volunteers doing this sort of stuff instead of the City employees?

  3. I would but I’m not in LB. are you joining them? Nobody, including you, has answered my question. Why are volunteers doing this sort of thing which is necessary and a good thing? Why doesn’t the City do it? Don’t we pay enough in taxes?

  4. Beachguy, I definitely understand your question, but some people happen to love to volunteer. It makes them happy, brings them closer to the community, plus it’s social and fun.

    After working on Magnolia Park, I am emotionally attached to it. Can you imagine if the majority of people in LB were emotionally attached to LB? This would be one heck of a community.

  5. I have done a fair amount of volunteer work over the years but not to do something that should be done by City employees. Last year the kiosks that housed the beach pass people were painted by volunteers. Great idea. Great job. But isn’t that a City function? If people want to volunteer there are plenty of opportunities to help out the less fortunate. Meals On Wheels for example. Feeding the needy, distributing clothing to strapped families and on and on.But It grates on me when taxpayers have to pick up and perform functions that are properly within the remit of the City. So what are those displaced employees doing? Nobody has responded to my question.

  6. I can’t speak about displaced employees, but I was one of the people who painted the kiosk and I actually asked the city pre-sandy if I can paint the rest. I enjoyed it.

  7. That’s fine. But these are primarily City functions. the City should be initiating these projects and perhaps asking for volunteers to pitch in and help out. It shouldnt be up to taxpayers to have to do these things on their own.

  8. I guess I’m not getting my point across. Sorry about that. All I’m saying is that there are, in my opinion, functions that properly are the City’s and it is their responsibility to get these normal functions accomplished. it should not be the case that unless taxpayers volunteer to do these things then they don’t get done at all. I applaud the efforts of the surfers and other concerned citizens to do this work. But if they didn’t then I fear it wouldn’t get done at all until either people started to get hurt or to complain. in a well run municipality these types of tasks are routinely initiated by city leaders and taken care of by city workers. Sadly that’s not the case in LB. Kudos to the people who have conceived of and are implementing this effort.

  9. And since there is a lot of discussion about beach entrance fees, whether they should apply to post Sandy residents, whether they are efficiently collected, what happened to the missing $20,000 cash receipts etc., all the more reason that Cleaning up the beach we are paying to get on should be cleaned up by the City.

  10. Hope you all can join us tomorrow morning. It should be a great event. I will have passess that I can give to volunteers and their families that will give them access to the beach and rec center for June 1.

    7am Riverside Blvd. Look for the tables/tent.

    Also volunteers will get a raffle ticket that they can carry up to one of teh Pay It Forward 11 participating stores to take a chance on some great raffles (bicycle from Local Cycles, skateboard from Maritime and more).

    Big thanks to Waves 4 Water for bringing this idea to Long Beach. They did the same thing in Rockaway on Earth Day (while we were mucking in the canals) and found a 50′ section of chain linked fence. It was removed with some assistance from a payloader.

    I truly hope we do not find anything though why take a chance. We selected the beaches that host teh junior lifeguard program and will inspect the beaches east from there depending on the number of teams we can assemble.

    FYI, the City has already performed sonar testing all around the island and found no debris fields so they are supportive of our efforts here and hope to have the sonar findings confirmed by the action we are taking.

    Come on down and join us.

    If you can wear a wetsuit and jump in even better!

  11. Mr. Moriarty, Thank you for your efforts. However, although the Earth Day clean up of the canals is appreciated (because it was done on a volunteer basis), the job is not done. There is no way the City’s sonar tests of the canals should find them free of large debris. I have been down a few as recently as last week and saw docks that are submerged. I have to agree with Beachguy on this one. Cleaning up the canals and ocean should not be left up to untrained volunteers supervised by a few knowledgeable residents like Mr. Moriarty. Instead, Long Beach needs to mobilize its large salaried staff, or team up with the Town of Hempstead or the Conservation Department and ensure the job is done properly. At a minimum they should be out there working with these great volunteers.

  12. You should agree with me on everything. But thanks anyway. There are certain tasks that should be undertaken by people who have enhanced knowledge and skills. Well meaning, concerned, thoughtful citizens can assist on a volunteer basis. But it’s the elected “leaders” who should be initiating these efforts . Why else are we paying our so very high taxes?

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