PSA: Magnolia Park Playground is NOT open yet (The Floor Needs To Dry!)


(top photo by Arden Designs)

Magnolia Park: The rubber flooring is getting installed, but it takes five days to dry. So no playing yet. You don’t want to ruin such a lovely playground, right? Right? RIGHT??

Check this blog, Magnolia Park Rebuild or Project 11561 for updates on when it’s officially open.

(photo by Christina Tisi-Kramer)


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5 thoughts on “PSA: Magnolia Park Playground is NOT open yet (The Floor Needs To Dry!)”

  1. I visit your beautiful city four times a week. I drive from Rockville Center to Long Beach around 10:00AM, as soon as I enter Long Beach on Long Beach Boulevard I see all these personal
    vehicles parked on the sidewalk in front of the city garage. This is like the” welcome to Long Beach”
    park where ever you want. Are these employees so lazy that they can walk half a block and park their
    car properly. Lets find out why this situation is happening. Maybe provide valet parking for the city garage employees.

  2. I’ve heard the city garage employee’s bathrooms are pretty unkempt too; maybe those proposed valets can double up as bathroom attendants after they’re done parking?

  3. You’ve really got to be kidding.

    The sewers in the walks are collapsing, utility repairs aren’t being patched and there are huge street craters all over town. Two thirds of telephones have been out since October. Hundreds of houses are unlivable, and the Feds are threatening a $9500/year flood tax. The City Council just gave the cops a $27% pay increase, raised taxes 52% and are threatening another 24% increase.

    And you are worried about how cars a parked?

    Do us a favor and stay in Rockville Centre where you can worry about the color of the parking meters.

  4. I walked by the playground yesterday, June 9, and it looks as if the work has stopped and the playground abandoned. My grand children love this playground and it would be a shame if it was left as is, a mess.

  5. If I had to speculate I’d say all the rain we’ve had has something to do with it. I think they’re waiting for a 5-6 day forecast of minimal chance of rain (unlike the last few weeks where I could have sworn I saw some animals starting to pair up on Friday)

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