In front of City Hall! [A Bulletin Board]

I’m excited because I blogged about these bulletin boards like a year and a half ago (December 9th, 2011: Beautifying Long Beach – Community Bulletin Boards.) Yes, it doesn’t take much to make me happy.

It looks like this bulletin board was put here by the Long Beach Landmarks Association. Instead of the usual display of upcoming events, this board looks like a showcase of Long Beach architecture and history.

bulletin board

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4 thoughts on “In front of City Hall! [A Bulletin Board]”

  1. Will Be right there at Tomorrow’s Farmer’s Market ! I’m kind of Excited about this Bulletin Board as well 🙂 Have a great weekend Everyone.

  2. They should say somewhere where to go to purchase seasonal beach passes. Today, everyone is coming up to farmers and artists, and believe it or not are asking thembwhere to buy them.

  3. I like good grammar. My phone’s auto correct is very frustrating, so I see why you resulted in reacting in Full Caps.

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