First Pieces of the Boardwalk being delivered? (Not exactly)

Skudin Surf just posted a photo on their facebook page of what looks like the first pieces of our new boardwalk being delivered. It’s actually a wooden platform for the crane that will be used to build the boardwalk. Well, at least we are one step closer!

(Thanks to all for the updated info!)

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9 thoughts on “First Pieces of the Boardwalk being delivered? (Not exactly)”

  1. Nice! There’s progress of a sort!
    I think someone made this point (or post) on here previously and I’d just like to echo it again:
    Can we get City Hall/LBPD to promise NOT to drive their patrol cars on the new boardwalk?

  2. I can’t believe that the city isn’t having another ceremony for the start of the last boardwalk to go up on the east coast.

  3. Yeah, I have no beef with there being the ability for emergency services vehicles to enter &/or drive on the boards, for situations when they are needed, but the constant slow patrol cars drives me crazy when a cop on a bike would be so much more effective, safe & less detrimental to the boardwalk itself. Thanks Anthony, I’ll join in the chirping when it starts, for sure…

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