A closer look of the new Bulletin Board at Kennedy Plaza (because you asked for it)

Here is a closer look of the new bulletin board that was installed at Kennedy Plaza by the Long Beach Landmarks Association. I like this bulletin board. I love the historical information it provides as well as the space for events. So I took some better pics of it, for those who haven’t seen it up close yet.

Here it is as a good place to lean some bikes.

photo 6

The Landmark Association Manifesto. You can find out more here: lbila.homestead.com
photo 1

The history of Long Beach is nicely displayed, including the old City Hall, reminding us just how ugly the new City Hall is. photo 5

The unique architecture of Long Beach. What’s missing? Ranch, High Ranch, Split Level, Bungalow, Cape, Colonial, Reynolds Colonial, pre-war brick, horrible 70’s and Fucco.

photo 4

A space for events:photo 3photo 2

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One thought on “A closer look of the new Bulletin Board at Kennedy Plaza (because you asked for it)”

  1. I still Don’t Believe it, There are no signs around displaying that the LIRR is offering value deals in collaboration with The City of Long Beach. We desire people to come visit long beach, and spend money at our stores. But If they’re being ripped off by the LIRR, and The City of Long Beach is SILENT ABOUT IT, our status quo remains unstimulated. 😉

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