Another Bulletin Board is coming! Banners on W. Beech! (West End Beautification Association!)

The West End Beautification Association was awarded a rebuild grant from National Grid, which will be used for West End beautification! This was part of a larger grant that was presented to 35 local business owners in Long Beach, Island Park, and Atlantic Beach. The ceremony took place yesterday at the the Saloon (1016 W Beech St.Long beach) with City Councilwoman Fran Adelson, City Manger Jack Schnirman, County Legislature Denise Ford, the President of National Grid and other grant recipients.

Mary Ellen from West End Beautification Association tells me that part of the grant was used to purchase the banners that now appear on West Beech Street commercial strip. The other part will be used to purchase a kiosk (see photo below) that will be installed in the bus turnaround, also on West Beech Street. This kiosk will be larger than the one in Kennedy Plaza (4.5 feet square) and have three long panels and one short panel.

The short panel allows for the National Grid sponsorship plaque. It will feature a community bulletin board. where the city can post its weekly summer updates. One of the long panels on this bulletin board will also feature a illustrated map of the West End, highlighting, all of the locations of the businesses crossed referenced by name. It will show where the ATMs are located as well as where to buy beach passes. It will also include illustrations of the Churches (St. Ignatius and People’s Church) as well as the firehouse, West School, Synagogue and the bike lane on Oceanview.

Thanks Mary Ellen for working to get this grant (and contributing to this post!). Big thanks to National Grid too!!

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  1. Perfect.

    Again, Why don’t they put a map by the Bulletin Board Near in Kennedy Plaza that is Right Next To the Train Station?!

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