Photo of 271 Shore Rd Balcony weeks before it Collapsed (Maybe it’s useful for something?)


Regarding that balcony that callapsed the other night on 271 Shore Rd (LB Herald – Five injured in Long Beach balcony collapse), local photographer Christina Tisi-Kramer captured, what she calls “a vision of something very odd”  as she writes on her facebook page:

“I noticed the painted bricks on this deck about 2 weeks ago on my way home from shooting one of the Park Prep days and turned my camera up at it and took a shot. Very strange… Here it is if someone needs to look at the condition of that deck two weeks before that terrible accident. I hear there are no severe injuries but still I hope everyone is o.k.

You can contact Christina by visiting her website:

I wish a speedy recovery to all those injured!

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5 thoughts on “Photo of 271 Shore Rd Balcony weeks before it Collapsed (Maybe it’s useful for something?)”

  1. The condition of this building has deteriorated badly over the last few years. And you NEVER see any sort of maintenance the way you do at the other, surrounding buildings. Thank heaven no one was killed.

  2. I’d be surprised if having no support on the front half of the balcony is to code (but I’m far from a building inspector).

  3. That whole little block across from Monroe Beach needs to be razed and re-built, it looks like the Favela map from Modern Warfare 2, nasty

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