Westholme Movie Night (Your Input is Needed!)

moviesonthebeachWe are trying to gauge interest in holding a movie night on the beach in the Westholme area. We are currently thinking of holding our movie night someplace on the beach between Grand and Magnolia.  We would like to run it on a Saturday night beginning at 8:00PM and finishing up by 10:00PM. We think this family friendly movie night would be a great event for our part of town, and would allow our families an opportunity to enjoy a night on the beach.

We will be looking for sponsors to offset the cost of the movie night, both business and family sponsors. Our hope is that some of our local businesses in the area would be able to make a donation to pay the cost of the movie and equipment rental. One suggestion was to hold a 50/50 raffle at the movie.

We are also thinking of having some children’s activities from 7PM to 8PM, not sure what they would be and would love to hear your suggestions. A few people said we could just let them run around and they would be just as happy.

Our hope for movie night is to be able to hold 2 or 3 of them this year, initially we are thinking aSaturday in July and one in September (Yes, we can still use the beach in September). Of course, we will need to get permission from the city for these dates as well as secure the movie and equipment.

So we have some questions:

  • Would you and your family be interested in attending a Westholme Movie Night this summer?
  • Would you prefer 2 or 3 movie nights?
  • Why is this area called Westholme?
  • What Movie(s) would you like to see?
  • Would you like butter on your popcorn?
  • What pre movie games/activities you would like to see?  (Think of ones that are easy and quick)

Your friends on the Westholme Movie Night Team.

Please post your answer/suggestions here or email them to lbmovienight@gmail.com. If you are available to organize / help at this event please send an email to lbmovienight@gmail.com with the subject “WILL HELP ORGANIZE”

Please read the terms of service before you comment.


13 thoughts on “Westholme Movie Night (Your Input is Needed!)”

  1. goonies!!! Cap’t CHUNK

    or 3 movies and do the star wars triology… yes its a trilogy. no one should ever acknowledge the 90’s/00’s jarjar binks crap as star wars.

  2. I like Jaws, Goonies & Original Star Wars trilogy, which I have various copies of the unaltered original versions.

    I would love to suggest Troll 2, but I would probably be the only person showing up. Jaws would be amazing. You can show anything for free as long as admission isn’t charged, right?

  3. 3 nights, i love butter, have just some fun activities and for movies some fairly new ones that are just our of theaters and maybe one night a horror movie on the beach would be interesting!

  4. you would be able to control the number of people and age groups, that show up by the movie you show. Down here in Fla. our City shows things like Breakfast at Tiffany’s.. Burlesque. it’s a nice nite for a picnic..

  5. Love the Rocky Horror show idea! Splash (Tom Hanks and Daryl Hanna) and other mermaid moview are good … some of these old movies will be like new movies for the teenagers. Going to JAWS tonight- also a great idea!!

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