Rumor: Former-Avenue Café/Monterey/Corbin & Reynolds has been rented

sports_bar_1Sources are telling me that the former-Avenue Café space (20 West Park Avenue) has been rented to a Sports Bar and Grill. “It will feature lots of TV screens and could be open by this August.” About a week ago I saw workers power washing the facade and I had a feeling something was up.

20 West Park Avenue is definitely one of the larger spaces in town and it’s right across from the LIRR. Given it’s location, you’d think any place would be successful there, but Hell’s Kitchen Chef-Monterey failed, while Avenue Café flew the coop over night last October. Will another bar (beer) and grill (burgers) work in Long Beach? We shall see. Developing….

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40 thoughts on “Rumor: Former-Avenue Café/Monterey/Corbin & Reynolds has been rented”

  1. My fear.. $6 draft beer including Bud, Stella, Sam Seasonal and some crappy Summer Shanty as a special beer… like every other place in LB.

    My hope.. Serve up some rotating drafts… in appropriate glasses. Or, open up the roof and put a bar up there!

  2. I am happy something will go in this space and my husband and I will go there- BUT cant we get a nice restaurant in LB? Don’t people like to eat good food!? A french bistro, or tapas or GOOD steak house….I don’t know the last time I went out to a nice dinner in LB (Sugo being the exception).

  3. I agree somewhat. Having a great steakhouse is nice but LB’ers alone won’t support it enough so it would have to be a standout place to bring in out of towner’s. Then you’re competing with the jimmy hays’es out there and with that here comes the $80 porterhouse for 2 which is a nice treat once in awhile but this size place would have difficulty staying full if limited to that type of menu. LB’ers want cold beer, a nice glass of wine and good reasonably priced food. A place where 2 people can have a couple drinks, nice meal in the $100 range. $18-$30 main courses with 6-7$ drinks. Food has to be good though!!

  4. I agree with your post and I don’t need something upscale/pricey. Just a place with GREAT food (not medicore) which is Long Beach is seriously lacking.

  5. It’s a long winter in LB. Tough to get people in on a Wednesday in February regardless of what kind of place it is.

  6. Why not a place with good food and some entertainment? that is what LB is lacking. Comedy Club with food and drinks. maybe a nice band. where do you go for that?? LOTS OF BAR AND GRILLS w/ multi TV’s for sports. .need something new??

  7. take a trip down to the west end. Swingbelly’s, Speak Easy, Whale’s Tale and SHINE’s are all rocking great selections of craft beers on tap.

  8. note to restauranteur entrepeneurs with money to invest and bring us new places: please go to brooklyn and see a million cool restaurants, not sports bars, and please bring that to our town instead of this crap.

  9. andrew.. I agree with you I tried to bring up this idea at a small resident meeting a few weeks ago, but got completely shot down. too many people here living in a small bubble.

  10. He is not coming back to Long Beach- he had two stellar restaurants here (then remarketed them from coastal to nicks, from d’angelo’s (sp?) to grill fire) that were market-hot for the time they were here. Market went down, 5-Guys stock went up and the company is smart by jumping out when they did. They have a craft burger bar opening in RVC next week.

    The current trends in restaurants for what you’d consider a steakhouse is unsustainable in a small season-driven place like LB…and quite outdated.

  11. Brooklyn is no longer the borough for restaurants. Queens is the new hip. Also, American steakhouses have been out for a couple years. Koreans been hot for a little while now, surprised it hasn’t been brought up. Also, innards have been hot since 2011 and still going strong but I haven’t seen any restauranteurs bite on that one in LB yet.

  12. Diana there is some hope for you- Gentle Brew on Park Ave offers entertainment like comedy and music nights. Have you been to the LB library? It is the most underrated spot in the city- from showing semi-recent films to cabarets and art shows. Really good stuff there. These are not food-entertainment per se but they are great alternatives that seem to be overlooked.

  13. Plus Jimmy Hays is a stones throw away. I’m always amazed when these people start cawing for an upscale steakhouse when there’s already an upscale steakhouse right over the bridge! Don’t think that proximity doesn’t factor into a potential steakhouses passing on LB (among a myriad of other variables, some of which you’ve touch upon above)

  14. I feel bad for this place because it will fail and its just another pub like biddy mcwhocares that has a back room, that nobody sits in… But hey what do I know, Bufalo wild wings is like 10,000 square feet in westbury and they sell…wings. But its packed with fat people and americana ensues. my dream is that someone comes in and buys Nolans and turns it into a nice sidewalk cafe with seasonal ingredients. What a dump. If I want canned beer i can do that at home, not even. and I love a good dive bar, but Nolans is not a good dive bar. Shines is though, well the half that doesnt look like a VFW. And can someone please turn the movie theatre into a cinema arts center like Huntington? duh! ok im done. Wish I had the money…

  15. Yeah right Box, like you know the new hip… a person who thinks those George Martin joints were “stellar”. Again spare us.Hip must be anywhere you have been recently. Places your “fatass” Long Beach neighbors can’t fathom.

  16. They were considered “stellar” during their heyday in LB. I can personally say Coastal Grilles cheezy bread wasn’t just stellar but fucking fantastical.

    I’ve been to a few unhip places recently but in general I am the determiner of all things hip in my opinion and my tastes are generally superior. Did I call my LB neighbors fatass? I do not recall- I am more likely to say “fat-face” or make a reference to ding-dongs.

  17. Which part of their 3 years in LB was their heyday? lol George Martins’ sucked… Tuscan Grill was better than the others but still nothing I couldn’t make at home in 20 minutes.

  18. You preferred Tuscan over Coastal?

    Let it be known right now that my personal thoughts on one over the other are based soley on the wine list and the cheezy bread.

  19. I was hoping not to get involved here, but….

    Not only did I think Coastal Grill was better, but its decor actually matched the theme of Long Beach. Tuscan just painted all over it with that beige fake-tuscany crap that you find in 10 out of 12 restaurants in NY. It’s pretty butt ugly.

    Coastal had a cute nautical look that is completely missing in LB.

    Food wise, I couldn’t tell the difference between grillfire and tuscan grill. They both seemed like the same restaurant to me. One of them had cotton candy.

    I also liked Nick Di’angelos.

  20. Here’s another comparison-review for you: Circle K taking over On the Run @ the Mobile station. The K did a few changes, most notably the walk-in beer cave (including “craft beers”) and replacing the Nathans counter with a deli station / sandwiches made to order. Do not worry – the rotisserie meat logs are still available. They also have most of your beach essentials- sunblock, chairs, blah blah blah.

    Did I just review a gas station mart?

  21. On the Run always had a deli counter with sandwiches made to order… they had the best rolls in LB hands down, and a great bacon egg and cheese on a roll

  22. Coastal was WAY better than Tuscan, in my opinion. I also enjoyed Angelfish over Lola’s. Seems like everything trends downwards, Grillfire was awful.

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