City Posting Photos of Boardwalk Decks Being Installed

The City of Long Beach is posting photos on the official Facebook group of deck boards going up on the boardwalk. I do not know who the photographer is, but thank you (in advance) for (hopefully) allowing me to post your photo on this (non-profit/free/hobby/friendly) blog.

Along with these photos, the City posted the following:

On Monday, June 10, deck construction of the boardwalk will begin. Grace Industries is estimated to build out across 10 bays (180 feet). While it may appear at times that work has stalled, rest assured this is being used as a “preliminary-assessment build out” prior to full construction which starts on June 17. The purpose of this preliminary build is to determine how long certain procedures will take. Please note that we are still on schedule to have a half-mile portion (five blocks/20% of the boardwalk) completed by the 100-day milestone of July 23. (facebook)

Go check out the rest of the photos here: Boardwalk Deck Construction Begins…


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18 thoughts on “City Posting Photos of Boardwalk Decks Being Installed”

  1. I think the “stronger than the storm” commercials showing the amazing job.did in getting their boardwalks up and running in time for memorials day is getting to everyone here in Long Beach. When you walk the beach or drive by the construction site and see less than 10 people working you just shake your head They made such a big deal at the 2 ground breaking ceremonies that grace would have 120 men working from 7am -7pm 6 days a week. If you look at the work schedule that’s posted on the website you see the work load is so lite.why you may ask. So the city can have another ceremony in November right before the elections. This could have been completed just like NJ in time for a Memorial Day and Long beach could have been step get than the storm, our city government is not!

  2. Barry the State of New Jersey put priority on its coast and boardwalks b/c of the states reliance on tourism and the thousands of business’s and workers that rely on that industry.

    The LB boardwalk is not a priority to the State of New York. It is only a priority to the people an hundred businesses that rely on it for a portion of the year.

    Comparing your recreational boardwalk to the economy of New Jersey is silly. Please stop.

  3. Residents complain about the costs of the boardwalk, residents complain of the taxes they pay, residents complain about making LB a tourist destination, complain about outsiders parking in their streets, complain about economic development to attract people (Quicksilver, Professional V-ball Tournaments, etc), residents already are complaining about the “noise” from the Long Beach hotel. Residents who restrict an evolution of a community WILL have high taxes, WILL bear all costs of their community and should accept the responsibility of the government THEY vote for.

    Long Beach (The median income for a household in the City was $56,289, and the median income for a family was $68,222) residents want their community to be more like Asharoken (The median income for a household in the village was $103,262, and the median income for a family was $118,128.) Stop complaining, allow for the real economic development of the city and your wallet may be a little thicker.

  4. And, Asharoken has no commercial area at all, so the homeowners and the power plant are the only tax payers. Oh and you can buy in Asharoken for a starting price of $875,000 for a fixer upper or $3 million or so move in ready. People around here have overblown sense of entitlement.

  5. You CANNOT say you thought of something really funny and inappropriate to say and not say it! The more inappropriate the better….especially if it has to do with the crane angle in the photo because my mind went directly there.

  6. That makes no sense at all… what does the median income have to do with our city’s ability to run the city efficiently and properly?

    Over paid cops on what is probably the easiest gig in the area, over paying for a 2.2 mile boardwalk by a factor of 10 and a foot of water on Park Ave last Friday (because our city did not clean the sewers after Sandy) are just latest examples.

  7. Does anybody else find the new 8 column boardwalk railings to be overkill? A trifle penal or like the City got them cheap as surplus from a cattle pen manufacturer? Did they have to comply with some new OSHA requirement for the protection of strolling toddlers?

  8. it’s cute that you think the city would be concerned about safety given their track record…. it’s so people cannot jump onto the beach and avoid the fee though

  9. Curious about the beach receipts from this past weekend. The West End beaches were packed and i would like to believe that everybody paid.

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