11 thoughts on “Boardwalk rebuild going too slow for you?”

  1. In all fairness, i watched a video on newsday earlier today that shows more of a bird’s eye view and it does look like they made some major progress.

    of course, i cannot find that video now.

  2. They start working at 5:30 every morning. There seems to be quite a bit of prep type work going on. They have gotten the concrete decking down fairly quickly. I would venture to guess the ipe hardwood had to be sourced. It isn’t something you call your local lumber yard for delivery tomorrow. It has to be imported, milled and transported. I wonder if they will be building segments off site and installing them the way they have the concrete.

  3. That sir is B.S. they start working at 7:00 and that’s if you count having coffee working! I live RIGHT across the street on Broadway and I have a full view of them daily. And they do NOT work on weekends either.

  4. I work in construction and scheduling complaints is something I live with on a daily basis. If you want them working nights and weekends be prepared to pay for it (time and a half union rate). You can pile millions more on top of the $44 already being spent on this.

    I don’t hear anyone screaming about the fact that our hospital is still not fully open, West Elementary remains closed and countless residents are still out of their homes. I fail to see the big deal about the boardwalk outside of some sense of nostalgia with so many larger issues at place. Notice the city floods in anything resembling a thunderstorm? Yeah, sewers are clogged with sand but who cares about that when we don’t have a boardwalk.

    It’ll be finished when it’s finished and all this whining won’t do anything to change that.

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