Panera Bread is coming to Island Park

UPDATE: Confirmed.  

That’s what I’m hearing. Panera Bread will be King Kullen’s co-tenant over at the Barnum Landing Shopping Center. A few quick google searches brought me to this Ripco advertisement, which calls the deal ‘proposed,’ but I’m hearing that the deal is done.

While commercial strip stores are completely over-saturated (and vacant) in Island Park, a Panera-style café is much needed in the area (aka they don’t sell burgers or pizza.) I always felt this type of place would do well on Park Avenue in Long Beach as an alternative to the typical diner. Perhaps one of these days Paninis & Bikinis will open an East End Location? Oh, one can dream…….




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5 thoughts on “Panera Bread is coming to Island Park”

  1. Maybe better the shopping center is better than the Waldbaums Shopping Center, but the King Kullen market itself isn’t. Waldbaums, has expanded its lines of foods nicely. It ain’t Wegmans, but it’s getting better. By contrast I was quite disappointed by the pedestrian offerings at the new King Kullen. And surprised too, since KK also owns Wild By Nature, the fairly decent sort of Whole Foods Wannabe in Oceanside.

  2. KK is clean, it has short lines, friendly staff, no vagrants hanging around outside. Waldbaums is the opposite in every respect. I want to shoot myself every time I go into that Waldbaums.

  3. I’m sure that “M’s” Family restaurant isn’t to happy about this. His 3 customers might decide to try it here and that will leave Mr.”M” in seep Doo Doo.

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